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Have you ever thought of sponsoring a child?

I’m always warry about sponsorships because as cynical as it may seem – how do you really know how much goes to that one child (or community) you are primarily sponsoring? Perhaps 75% of what you sponsor actually goes to the charity persons salary, or maybe all 100% goes to the child/community. You never really know, not until you make the commute and go and see for yourselves.

That takes a lot of time and commitment a lot of people don’t have. Which is a lot of the reason people are a bit skeptical of the whole sponsoring thing, just like I am.

However, it can’t hurt to sponsor a child and help them grow. Essentially we take a lot for granted over here, we have clean water, access to medicine and eat whatever we want ,when we want. If you donate $35 a month, you can invest in programs that will help communities and help the poverty stricken communities in the third world countries. You will help people be able to build schools for the children, train teachers and run heath clinics — there’s so many opportunities when you sponsor a child.

The Haitians for instance, after the terrible tragedy of the earthquake that recently hit, everyone has been affected worldwide. They are in absolute dire need of help, and best yet the Canadian Government will match contributions made between January 12 — February 12, to eligible Canadian organizations (like Plan) to help people affected by this horrific earthquake. Isn’t that just fantastic?

With Plan Canada an average, 80% of worldwide donations go to programs benefiting children and their families.  You can learn more on their accountability to donors, or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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