How to name your blog posts


As a reader, the first thing people look at is the title of your blog post — especially on a blog reader like Feedly, or BlogLovin’. If the title doesn’t capture their interest, they’re going to skip on over to the next blog. Ideally you want to engage your readers and make them click on  your link to read further. Am I right?

Having a blog post title is massively important not only on readers, but especially so on your social media channels if you’re going to be tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking your content. Lure in your readers with that creative mind of yours! I know you’ve got it in ya. :)

Naming your blog posts

I know sometimes it’s easier to just name your blog posts whatever pops into your head like “A Beautiful Tan” but people are googling on how to use at home self tanner, or “The Best Self Tanners: Under $50“. The key to naming your blog post is to keep it practical instead of being random. I know it won’t always be fun and exciting to name your blog posts accordingly, and while I am guilty of not listening to my own advice, I have learned that if you have a good title on your blog post, you will get more hits and visitors this way. It’s also very easy to find your old content in your archives if you are searching for a specific blog post that you wrote months, or even years ago. If you have a couple of key words that both are appropriate to use, use a dash, or colon to combine the two.

Naming your blog posts in practical ways, is also beneficial for SEO purposes. How else will potential readers find your content? Just remember that the title is what gets your readers to click into your site. Are you travelling to Norway and want to find a place where you can gamble? Link to a Norwegian site like, in the first few lines of your first paragraph then name the post something like “Norway Travels: How to Find Casinos“.

Your first paragraph

Your blog is a powerful marketing tool, only if you know how to market it. Linking to websites in the first paragraph of your blog post is huge. It’s how Google ranks your site, and you want to be pretty high up on the first 1-2 pages for your blog posts. 

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to continue seeing How-To blog posts. It’s kind of a new feature I thought about doing on here.

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  1. Thanks for the tip and yes please do more of these. I am guilty of not doing that with catchy blog post titles but I will have to try it out. It makes alot of sense. I never really thought about putting links right away but it does make sense.

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