In-Flight Beauty Routine

Hello from St. John’s Newfoundland! I have been here for almost two weeks and soon heading back to warm, sunny California. I thought I’d write about my in-flight beauty routine. Kinda different, right?

It’s bound to happen, a 10+ hour flight to now get home to our family in Newfoundland, I’ve become more prepared and organized when it comes to in-flight routines. I also wanted to show you what I wear during a long haul flight. My main goal is to be comfortable.

Airplane-clothesCan you spot the Canadian clothes? There’s two items… :)

Here are a few top essentials I keep with me to occupy my time, or freshen up if need

1. Dior Creme de rose: perfect for dry lips 2. Face wipes: Because my skin dries out and gets weird. 3. Empty water bottle: After going through security and to avoid costly bottles of water — fill up at a fountain after security to stay hydrated. 4. iPad: for playing games or writing blog posts if you do so desire, and hey — what if your in-flight movie screen doesn’t work? It happens. It sucks. 5. Sony noise cancelling headphones: to tune out the chick snoring next to you, or to zone out and listen to a movie comfortably without ear buds causing aches after hours of chillin’ out in your ears. 6. Hand sanitizer: Because. Germs. 7. Tissue/toilet paper: Crisis averted when the airplane bathrooms runs out of t.p during a flight and you don’t have to resort to wiping with a paper towel. 8. Hair tie: My hair gets gross easily. Why not. 9. Neck pillow: A god send for those long flights when you’re not sharing a row with your beau and don’t want to do the dreaded neck bob to the person next to you. 10. Food: Some flight provide snacks. I get hangry when I’m hungry, so I want to eat when I want to eat. This time I packed crackers, japanese cookies, and a boat-load of pb/jelly sandwiches.

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How to stay motivated as a blogger


Like anything in life, it’s exactly the same with blogging. But make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not because you want to get numbers, comments or products to review. If I didn’t love blogging as much as I do, I probably wouldn’t have had 10+ years of archives under my belt. Clearly, blogging is a very passionate hobby of mine and I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere I go in the run of a week. Sure there are times where I find it difficult to come up with topics to talk about five days a week, but I’m here to help you understand where I’m coming from.

Write for your own reasons

If you start writing what you think people want to read, then you’re not being true to yourself. Don’t blog with the intention of making it a job or getting paid. You need to stay real, stay transparent and your readers will stick around for who you are.

stay-organizedStay organized

If I’m not organized, my blog is going to be empty. Hence why there was a 2 week break in the blog while I was in Newfoundland for over 4 weeks. Currently I have over 90 drafts in my wordpress, each and every one of them with different ideas, topics and things to talk about. Slowly I pick away at them and turn them into blog posts. Like this one!

be-true-to-youBe true to yourself

Write about the things that interest you and the topics you want to read. If your intention is to simply get paid, your writing will show that. Don’t be transparent because you will lose your loyal readers quickly.

dont-worry-about-numbersDon’t get too hyped up abut the numbers

Each month your numbers are going to be different, it’s bound to happen. It can be frustrating to see those dips in page views especially if you’re not sure what you did differently, or wrong so to speak. Try doing something different the next month. Re-evaluate what you did the previous month and perhaps tweak it a bit differently the next, for instance, add more (or less!) images in a blog post, ask questions at the end of the posts.

collabCollaborate with friends

One of my favourite things to do is collaborate with another blog friend. It keeps things genuinely interesting, and taking photos together for the post, bouncing each other’s ideas off one another is so fun!

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Blasts from the past

I’m recycling old posts today, blasts from the past if you will.

Collecting posts that had a lot of hits and views on the good ol’ blog that I think may be of some value to new readers who haven’t had the chance to look through them. I’ve categorized them into beauty, fitness and general blogging tips.

—  Beauty posts —



Dior Nail Lacquers

Looking for the perfect pink nail polish? Grab the Dior Tra-La-La nail polish that launched this spring.

Make Up For Ever cream blush

Make Up For Ever launched a universal cream blush that will suit any skin tone. I use cream blushes all year round, but they are especially perfect for summer to achieve a healthy glow on the apples of your cheeks.


Self-tanning routine

A walk-through on how to use at home self-tanners without turning orange.


Are epilators worth the pain?

I took it to the test. First shaving, then I got into waxing. How do I feel about epilators using little tweezers to pluck individual hairs out at an alarming pace?

— Fitness posts —


Nancy archesHow I became a rock climber

The history of my 19 years and counting, climbing hobby.

paleo-burger-n-friesWhy I gave up paleo

I completed a 30 day paleo challenge at my local CrossFit box. Won first place for accomplishing the most. 10 pounds gone on my small frame, yet I gave it up. Why?

Alberta CanadaAccomplished Fitness Milestones

Rock Climbing, CrossFit, Hiking the rockies — these are a few of my accomplished fitness milestones.

lululemon-vs-costcoLululemon vs. Costco workout clothing

Are we paying through the nose for a brand name, or are we paying for quality?

— Blogging tips —


STAPLES Upholstered Leather ChairHow to stay organized when you have a blog

Have a schedule, know when to photograph, de-clutter your workspace and more key points about staying organized.

YSL Spring 2014Taking blog photos indoors

Sometimes it’s chilly, or windy outside and you’re only free one day a week to take blog photos. Make the most out of it with knowing how and when to take your blog photos.

out-with-old-in-with-newBranding and Blog Re-Design

Constructive criticism was difficult to hear, but it made me evaluate the look of my blog. I redesigned it in April, 2014.

I’ll be taking the remainder of the week off from blogging as I’ll be attending the BlogHer’14 conference in San Jose from July 24-26. I’ll be back early next week with a recap or two.

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