How to name your blog posts


As a reader, the first thing people look at is the title of your blog post — especially on a blog reader like Feedly, or BlogLovin’. If the title doesn’t capture their interest, they’re going to skip on over to the next blog. Ideally you want to engage your readers and make them click on  your link to read further. Am I right?

Having a blog post title is massively important not only on readers, but especially so on your social media channels if you’re going to be tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking your content. Lure in your readers with that creative mind of yours! I know you’ve got it in ya. :)

Naming your blog posts

I know sometimes it’s easier to just name your blog posts whatever pops into your head like “A Beautiful Tan” but people are googling on how to use at home self tanner, or “The Best Self Tanners: Under $50“. The key to naming your blog post is to keep it practical instead of being random. I know it won’t always be fun and exciting to name your blog posts accordingly, and while I am guilty of not listening to my own advice, I have learned that if you have a good title on your blog post, you will get more hits and visitors this way. It’s also very easy to find your old content in your archives if you are searching for a specific blog post that you wrote months, or even years ago. If you have a couple of key words that both are appropriate to use, use a dash, or colon to combine the two.

Naming your blog posts in practical ways, is also beneficial for SEO purposes. How else will potential readers find your content? Just remember that the title is what gets your readers to click into your site. Are you travelling to Norway and want to find a place where you can gamble? Link to a Norwegian site like, in the first few lines of your first paragraph then name the post something like “Norway Travels: How to Find Casinos“.

Your first paragraph

Your blog is a powerful marketing tool, only if you know how to market it. Linking to websites in the first paragraph of your blog post is huge. It’s how Google ranks your site, and you want to be pretty high up on the first 1-2 pages for your blog posts. 

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to continue seeing How-To blog posts. It’s kind of a new feature I thought about doing on here.

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How to stay organized when you have a blog

Blogging takes a hard work and many people assume it’s not a huge deal. You must be committed, and organized if you want to blog often. Since I do blog 5 days a week, I need to know what sort of photos I want to take, write the posts, and note when I want them to go live. Not only that, I share everything that goes on my blog, on my social media channels.

When I was working full time, I had to have my schedule down pat. I stayed on top of it all, and I’m going to show you how to stay organized when you have a blog.

STAPLES Upholstered Leather Chair

Work Space

De-clutter your desk, get a comfortable chair to sit in. Once you have any distractions taken away from your work space, you focus more on the task at hand, your blog! My desk is a build-your-own from Ikea, and the chair is from Staples.


Winter and Spring time the weather is usually a little grey so photographs need a little more attention and a little photoshopping to brighten things up. Shooting photos in daylight is ideal and since most people are working or in school during peak times, I used to photograph my blog posts on the weekends.  The light in our current house is best around 1-3pm at the top of stairs on one of the landings.

Writing Your Posts

Whenever an idea pops into my head, I immediately e-mail myself the thoughts, or sit down on the computer to type something into WordPress. Currently I have over 90 drafts of blog posts ideas, where I have 1-3 paragraphs written quickly. This happens on days where my ideas are endless and I can come up with a handful of ideas for potential posts. When I have writers block, I turn to those random thoughts into a blog post.

Social Media

How else will people find a your new blog post? I like to share my posts on Twitter mainly, and sometimes Instagram or Facebook. I schedule my blog posts to go live around 6am California time (Is that called PST? I don’t know) so that I can reach my followers in Newfoundland at a decent hour since they are 4.5 hours ahead. I use HootSuite to schedule my blog posts to go out on Twitter a few times a day.

notebooksStay Organized

My top way to stay organized with my blog posts is write down the blog posts that are going live each day. I prefer the handwritten way but you can easily set up a calendar on your computer too. In the photo above, I have the date written out, the blog post topic and whether or not the post has been scheduled through HootSuite. This has worked for me since 2012, so I continue to do it this way. Bonus, is that you can buy many nice looking notebooks!

Now it’s time for a fun giveaway to my US readers for a piece of Staples office furniture up to $100! Enter the rafflecopter form below, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received the chair from Staples in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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Why I read (or unsubscribe from) your blog…

My take on reading blogs and keeping them in my Google RSS feed.

I admire that you took the time to think about what you wrote, and that each paragraph starts off with a different word each time. I read a blog once where I literally saw the word “So,” at the beginning of each of each paragraph. Add that with no photos to look at, makes for a pretty boring blog if you ask me.

For instance. I bought those pens off Ebay from Hong King because Pilot doesn’t make them any more. They’re my favourite. And, like my watery Victoria Secret hand cream that I don’t really recommend.

I love looking at photos. Are you the same way? I really don’t care what they’re of either, heck it could be a photo of the new Christmas garland you just bought — hey I’m an early shopper too, I understand. Not every post needs to have photos, but it sure helps to break up that monotonous text that we sometimes skim through. Stock photos are also kind of lame — but use them sparingly if you really feel the need to. That last part could also be just my personal preference. Anyone care to chime in?

So, this is what I did today…blah

So, my dog is sick and I’m sad.

So…I’m not doing much this weekend.

Starting every paragraph with the same word? It gets old fast. Makes for a fast mouse click to the unsubscribe button. Use a thesaurus. Use the dictionary and elaborate your vocab peeps. I’m not saying that my blog is popular by any means, but I did find that reading other people’s websites and the style of writing, it made me find my own style as well.But read each sentence out loud and see if it flows well together. I usually type the same way that I think, and then I re-write it after I have a paragraph or two written, to make it flow better. Because lawd knows I sometimes don’t know how to talk :)

So Also, if you are paid to write a blog entry, don’t just write the minimum allowed. Make it interesting, and put your own  take on it, do a bit of research. That goes for reviews too. Many people ask me how I had the chance to review some great products, or how I got started doing reviews for companies.  Companies will contact you, and they will find you.


  • Interact with your readers/comments.
  • Ask questions at the end of your post (or somewhere in between — whatevs). Maybe the readers of your blog will also interact back with you.
  • Post on a scheduled basis. I usually post only on week days, but I am also known to post 2x/day or even on weekends.
  • Be positive. Nobody really likes to hear people whine or complain too much on a blog. Save that for something like Twitters 140 character limit. OMG add me!

That’s basically it! Then I honestly think it’s just my style of laid-back writing that flows easily and gives a good honest opinion about what I really think. Companies will contact you.

Use spell check. Nothing irks me more than definitely spelled with an “A” (definaitely) or hilarious (halarious). Use firefox if you don’t know how to spell the words. Anytime I type something out that is spelled wrong, it has a red squiggly line underneath. I tend to ignore the red squiggles when I make up my own words, however ;)

There you have it. My two cents on why I read, or do not read your blog!

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