Let’s spice things up

I haven’t posted many Outfits of the Days lately, so what better way to keep up than post an abundance of them? Wahoo!

0-037I stopped wearing these khaki pants, mainly because I despise the fit of them. They give me fat marks on my sides. “Love handles” people (I hate that word). Plus, all my pants shrink in the wash, even if I don’t put them in the dryer. I don’t even have abnormally long legs or anything. I’m only (almost) 5’6″!

0-065This is exactly what I’m wearing today! How random was that? I like this outfit.

0-056This scarf was probably wrapped too much around my neck. It looks awkward. But nice outfit, ya?

0-041Awkward outfit. Thought it was going to work, decided to wear it regardless. I’m lazy in the A.M.

0-040This one looked much better without the sweater. But it was cold in the office the past few months.

0-060Woah. Too much bulk. Clearly I love scarves and sweaters.Really though, I don’t think they go all that well together. Good thing I take photos so I can see what not to wear again…


I love this “weekend look” I did a while ago.  Simple, but nice.

Chime in.

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  1. I always have problems with my pants too (shrinking). I try to wash them on a cold cycle and also stretch them as soon as I take them out, which probably sounds dumb. Anyway. One way you might try wearing your scarves to eliminate some of the bulk you feel is by holding both ends of the scarf together and creating a “loop” in your other hand (where the center of the scarf is folded). Put one end of the scarf through the loop, then “flip” the loop, and weave the other end through. It creates a “flatter” section to lay against your neck.

    Here’s a video my old roomie made, she’ll show you how to do it: http://lilboogerbows.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-to-tie-scarf.html

  2. Jill, I usually do that with most of my scarves, but the one’s shown (well the yellow one at least) was an odd shape and couldn’t be done that way. It was too short. :(

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