It’s been a while since my friend Tanya did an OOTWW collaboration on my blog. Her and I have a very similar sense of style. I’m often more envious of the ways she puts together her outfits. My favorite is definitely Monday’s. I’m still trying to master the skirt/tights/boot look. Whenever I do it, it just looks out of place. I want that skirt. I also wanted to let you know since I was concerned the first three days. She does have multiple pairs of those artizia tights :) ha!

Here is my OOTWW:

(click image to enlarge)

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  1. Oh my gosh–I LOVE that green scarf from Friday. You have really cute style! I would wear all these outfits happily :)

    Nancy says: Wow thanks Janetha! :)

  2. Love your scarf :) I see similarities between your styles :)
    I am personally self-conscious about boots with skirts. I know the outfit doesn’t look BAD, I just feel paranoid. I think it is not the best for me because I have short legs and it seems to “shorten” me.

  3. Loved all outfits, but my favourite was wednesday. Everything looks so perfectly combined. The pants, the boots, the blazer, the top, plus your hair and makeup. You should make a video of that outfit.

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