OOTWW — Featuring Tanya!

Surprise! It’s my good friend Tanya sporting the outfit of the work week (OOTWW) this Friday! I’ve talked about Tanya a lot on this blog. I think I usually refer to her as my running/crossfit/climbing buddy and probably don’t refer to her in her first name.

But now you can put a face to the … nickname? I love all Tanya’s OOTD’s for this week, don’t you love her white blazer? Oh and the boots. It’s probably because we both have the same taste in style and clothing. What outfit of Ta’s are your favorite? Also, vote below if you want to see more of Tanya’s OOTWW posts, I definitely do!

I’ve ordered some similar riding boots online, they’ll be delivered to my place in no time… then I’ll have to get boot dryers, if I get them wet, which I don’t intend to.

Which outfits of Tanya did you like? I think Tuesday and Wednesday are my favs. I love Thursday’s jacket too.

Also make sure you stay tuned for my OOTWW coming tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hey Nancy! Thanks for letting me do your OOTWW this week! I had a ton of fun doing it. I also realized that I am not a fan of the “standard black work pant” I have been experimenting with my closet putting together outfits that don’t include the dreaded black work pant. I think you can dress up a pair of jeans for the work enviroment very nicely (sorry to those who can only wear jeans on Fridays)!

  2. I’ve never seen a OOTHW but it is a really cute idea! I would love to see more of them. :) I think my favourite is Friday.

    Nancy says: thanks Marta! Come back each Friday to see my OOTWW posts, they go up in the mornings :)

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