How I Style…

Well, National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo for short) is on its last week and a  half, and I’m still going strong with all of my posts.

Hope you enjoyed last weeks first edition of How I Style: Yellow Cardigans. This week I’ll be showing you how I’ve styled my white cardigan’s for the past year and a half.

There’s a ton of outfits I really don’t like in this one. But there’s a few that stand out to me. I like paring it with the white flowy top (as you can see in the top row of photos). Which white cardigan outfit is your favorite? I think mine is in the bottom row, the second photo in, where I’m wearing it with a grey dress, belt and scarf. Kinda cozy looking! I may re-create that semi-differently for Fall!

Week 1

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How I Style…

This is an idea I’ve come up with by reading other fashion blogs and how they’ve styled what they’ve been wearing over the past number of months.

I’ll be featuring this each Tuesday, until I run out of ideas. So far I’ve got a ton of cardigans, and blazer. Perhaps I’ll do how I style scarves as well. But I don’t wear them often! We’ll see how everyone likes it hey?

Alright. How I style: Yellow Cardigans. Coming right up! I picked up this cardigan for $12.00 at Joe Fresh. That’s a clothing line that Canadians can get at the grocery store, or Loblaws as we know it as now. It’s really great quality, hasn’t pilled up and doesn’t wrinkle easy. Can’t say that about my Old Navy cardi’s!

You can click the image below to enlarge it. I love how tan and pale I am in the photos. It’s funny how different one person can look all throughout a span of a few months. These are in no particular order, I’ve just grabbed the images from my OOTWW posts that I put on here each Friday.

I think I like wearing my yellow cardigan with white, and grey.

How would you style this cardigan? Remember, these outfits are just the ones that I wear to work – I have worn this yellow cardigan with jeans, but I haven’t posted my weekend outfits … ever.

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OOTWW — Featuring Tanya!

Surprise! It’s my good friend Tanya sporting the outfit of the work week (OOTWW) this Friday! I’ve talked about Tanya a lot on this blog. I think I usually refer to her as my running/crossfit/climbing buddy and probably don’t refer to her in her first name.

But now you can put a face to the … nickname? I love all Tanya’s OOTD’s for this week, don’t you love her white blazer? Oh and the boots. It’s probably because we both have the same taste in style and clothing. What outfit of Ta’s are your favorite? Also, vote below if you want to see more of Tanya’s OOTWW posts, I definitely do!

I’ve ordered some similar riding boots online, they’ll be delivered to my place in no time… then I’ll have to get boot dryers, if I get them wet, which I don’t intend to.

Which outfits of Tanya did you like? I think Tuesday and Wednesday are my favs. I love Thursday’s jacket too.

Also make sure you stay tuned for my OOTWW coming tomorrow morning.

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