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Kiehl’s is a very high end skin care line, probably at par with Philosophy (my review). I had the chance to try out Kiehl’s face moisturizer after I purchased a jar of it on Ebay last winter to dry and self-cure my own eczema. It was nice, but too light weight for the dry winter months in Ontario.

Kiehl’s had a Thanksgiving promotion which I posted about on my coupon site, where Canadians can get free shipping and a free hand salve with any purchase, and three samples. Just like Sephora does! Bonus. Obviously I went for it. I looked for the cheapest product I could find on their site because I didn’t want to get one of the $50 products I’ve been eying. Trying to save a bit of money for Christmas, ya know. So I bought an $8 lip balm.

It came in a pretty packaged arrangement with a Harley Davidson look-a-like sticker (ahem Jen).All my freebies plus the lip balm I purchased. Kiehl’s Ultra facial cream (what I ordered off ebay last year), lip balm #1, ultimate strength hand salve, close shavers squadron, and bare earth deep pore cleansing masque. Nice sized samples at 5mls each + the hand salve is 30 ml!

Though, for my purchase of the $8.50 lip balm, I’d appreciate a little lip piece to smooth over my lips with the balm. Am I supposed to wash my hands, apply the balm on my fingers then to my lips? Annoying!

Why am I writing this blog post about my recent purchase at Kiehl’s? It’s because I found something similar to what my Mom uses on her dry hands. A moisturizer quite on par with Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream. It’s thick, hard to rub in, but keeps your hands moisturized for hours even after washing.

However, of course Kiehl’s = more expensive version of Neutrogena’s cream. But still! Meanwhile, it took forever for it to ship out of their location in Quebec — 7 whole days til I got a shipping notification. So it was in my hands in 11 days. I assume it took so long because of their Canada-wide free shipping.

What’s your favorite lotion or moisturizer?

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  1. I have been wanting to try Kiehls products for a while. I hear so many great things, especially about the lip balm. I really don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to trying that actually. How are you liking it?

    Nancy says: The lip balm I don’t think I’d purchase again. The consistency of it is like petroleum jelly type, it’s quite slick on the lips. It doesn’t have any flavor. But, I bet it’d be great for some severe chapped lips, but it’s not ideal for everyday use I wouldn’t think.

    I do LOVE the hand cream though. I ended up placing another Kiehl’s order just shortly after and got some new skin creams. I’ll review them soon!

  2. I don’t know if there’s a way to reply to you, if there is I can’t find it, so I’ll just write another comment haha.

    It’s actually the flavoured/scented balms I most wanted to try, so I may get around to doing that at some point. But I’ve currently got a million lip balms/products on the go and just ordered some Korres ones. I’ve been dying to try those too and there are such yummy scents to them!

    I’ll keep that hand cream in mind, and I’m looking forward to your review of the other stuff!

    Nancy says: Hey Jenn, you can always contact me through e-mails: spiffykerms (at) gmail (dot) com :)

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