It’s been a while since my friend Tanya did an OOTWW collaboration on my blog. Her and I have a very similar sense of style. I’m often more envious of the ways she puts together her outfits. My favorite is definitely Monday’s. I’m still trying to master the skirt/tights/boot look. Whenever I do it, it just looks out of place. I want that skirt. I also wanted to let you know since I was concerned the first three days. She does have multiple pairs of those artizia tights :) ha!

Here is my OOTWW:

(click image to enlarge)

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How I Style…

Grey is one of my favorite colors for sweaters. But I also find it difficult to pair up with clothing. For example, I clearly found my favorite “go to” look in the second row with the ruffly white top, dress pants and J Crew cardigan. Once I like something, I stick to it! Ha. I also like the look of belting the longer cardigans. Which way would you style your grey cardigan? Any suggestions? Perhaps more color needs to be brought out.

Come back each Tuesday to see a different How I Style post. Or, view past posts below!

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4

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I want to make more shirts

I am a huge fan of this Etsy seller called Fire Daughter Clothing, and I’ve purchased a number of tee’s from her since I discovered her shop.She’s super pretty too, right? Oh, she also runs marathons. When I was into running last year I ended up purchasing this shirt for myself .   But…. I haven’t worn that one in a while. I gave up running for 2011. :)  Now I’m thinking since I love her style of burn out tank tops, specifically in that color (that is so inconveniently sold out) I thought I’d come up with some sayings for climbing or CrossFit shirts.

  • I climb rocks!
  • Boulder time
  • I ♥ climbing

 Once I received notification that her green tanks were back in stock I ended up placing an order from her again. It arrived the second last week of October and I always wear it when I go for a climb. Isn’t it cute? I love that I have a unique saying on a shirt plus the tank is so very soft. I’ve already gotten a number of compliments on it when I wore it. :)

Do you liiiike?

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