My CrossFit Journal (week 48)

After weeks of skipping out of CrossFit throughout my Christmas holidays and then just being lazy coming back into it going just once a week. I’m back at it! Here we go with the recap of week 48. Actually, I thought I’d go on Saturday but I most definitely slept in, which was much needed.

I’ve decided to post my CrossFit weekly re-caps on Monday instead of Saturday and just take a break from blogging on the weekends. Plus, I think blogs gets more exposure on week days than on the weekends anyway. Though I do post the weekly CrossFit journal for my own benefit to look back on and when a WOD comes up that I haven’t seen in a while I can always look back and see how much I lifted, or what my max was, and see if I can beat it. So here we go, onto the weekly workout.


Week 48 Day 1.

Snatch Push-Press.

My limit is apparently 65lbs. I tried to go up to 70lbs and dropped the weight when I tried to do just one. I tried twice and just gave in to my limit at 65lbs. A snatch push press is basically a push press but you start with the weight on the back of your shoulders and push up from there. The pushing up is the ‘easiest’ part. Coming down is the roughest on all parts of your shoulders and upper arms. You need to baby it coming down on your traps otherwise your neck is going to get the brunt of the weight, which isn’t fun.

Here’s a little video of what it consists of.

The “cool down” which wasn’t on the website at all had a 12 minute time limit:
200 skips

50 kettle bell swings (I used 12kg)
40 box jumps (16″)
30 squats
20 pushups
10 pullups (I did kips instead)

Completed in 9:29! Nice little finisher to get that heart rate going.


Week 48 Day 2.

The McGhee WOD

5 Dead Lift (275/225) I used 105lbs
13 Push Ups
9 Box Jumps (24/20) I used at 20″ box

I think I did 10 rounds in total. The reason why I felt I didn’t do more was that we were supposed to do the pushups inwards, where your elbows are tucked into the body instead of out in the photo shown above. I even had to do them off my knees. By the end of it I was only getting one out at a time and was getting so unbelievably frustrated lol.


What did everyone do this weekend? I gutted our entire apartment. First it was the bathroom, then my computer desk and a dropping grounds for all of the Boyfriends paperwork, which was his work bench. Tons of stuff went to recycling and some even went into a trash pump. I’ll post photos soon of my computer desks before/after.

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