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My at work to-do list is so long, and that’s only the stuff on the top of my head! I guess that’s what happens when one is off sick for two days in a row. At least it’s FRRRIIIIDAY and best yet? Payday!

Remember how I talked about Ebay being pure evil? It’s okay, I have decided that I am putting a limit on items that I want. If I really wanted something that bad, I would have placed my bid like everyone else does — 3.2 seconds before the bid ended. Sneaky sneaky people. I ordered two shirts from two different ebay sellers and the one that I thought was going to be too small, fits perfectly fine.

My ebay auction is still going on until Monday afternoon. Would anyone be willing to buy from an ebay seller (ahem, me) that has zero feedback from selling anything? I have a few positive feedback from purchases, but not many as I’m only now getting used to working the whole thing. If it doesn’t end up selling I may give it away on here!

It’s this Lululemon Run: Race Tech tank top in size 8, so it’d fit a person Med/Large.

On my first top (that I kept) I asked the woman to not charge me much on shipping, coming from Florida. She estimated $9.00 shipping. I asked her to drop it to $5.00, but she said she shipped a package “to Canada” and it cost her $8.75. Well well well, when my package arrived the price on the sticker said $2.30!! What a jip. I was disappointed, but not in my top! My top is SUPER cute. Ya?

I won these Lululemon Empower crops, only because the highest bidder who outbid me again in the last 3.2 seconds couldn’t pay for the item so I got a second chance. If only there were a second chance on wedding programs that I have absolutely no use for that looked so nice, but were ridiculously priced! The crops haven’t arrived yet, they’re coming from British Columbia.

I think I’m obsessed. At least I’m only spending my paypal money? So much for No Buy Month…not that I said I was going to do it for March, but still.

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  1. I hate when people do that! Their commom excuse to charge more “shipping”? Handling it.

    Yes, they charge you what they “suppose” is the cost for them to go to the post office and mail it. It’s so lame.

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