Stupid of the Day:

*Stares at an atom, plastered on the hallway walls of the theatre*
Boyfriend: “Do you know what those are called?”
Me: “You mean, those atoms?”
Boyfriend: “Well, do you know what the inside parts mean?”
Me: “Tch, No! I didn’t take anatomy!”
Boyfriend: *Laughs so hard he can’t get a word out. “I hope that was a joke!”
Me: “Well. Sorta. Well what’s the subject for it? Science or whatever it’s called”

I love being an idiot sometime, just to make people laugh. God, that was lame.

Also, does anyone know whats up with WordPress not allowing comments to be moderated? My new read Amanda has tried to comment on 3 different computers on my blog, and normally if it’s a new commenter, it waits until it’s moderated by me. But it doesn’t even register in my email that she’s new, nor do I see her comments. She suggested I make her an account on my blog somehow (how? lol) and then add her as a ‘member’. But I have NO idea how to do that. Has anyone had anything similar happen, and did it resolve? This sucks.

I should have just made this a wordpress question day. How do I have a user-photo for when I’m commenting on blogs? Connie, and Jeanine both have one! Wah! I also want to know how come I can’t put my own things in the sidebar while editing sidebar.php? Do I really need a plugin for adding a “cam image”? This sucks that I’m so incomptent.  Teach me you guysss.

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  1. I was having the same problem. All my new readers’ comments were added to the moderation list. Did you look at the comments that are awaiting approval? They should be in there. If you want to register her, just go to the sidebar on the left, click on “Users” and then “Add New.” When the page loads, it’ll give you a pull-down menu to set the role (in this case, “Subscriber”).

  2. ugh ps: if you want to add things to sidebar.php but are using widgets i dont think it will show up.. if you are using widgets just add a “text” widget and you can add a cam image that way – i am using widgets on this new theme i just put up, but the last i wasnt.. confusing and annoying i know.

    ps: sorry for so many comments i didnt mean submit that last comment without adding this in there too, my apologies.

  3. Um, all I know how to do in wordpress is type and publish. (That’s a slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth.)

    Hope everyone else helped you get it all straightened out.

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