I may have a confession…

Technically, I didn’t break the rules. So, this No Buy Month that I’m doing? I smguess you could say I almost broke the rules. But didn’t! Judge for yourself. I went to a movie on Saturday night (that’s us, before the movie hee hee). Used my scene points to get free popcorn/pop. I returned some MAC makeup I bought a few weeks ago (I plan on writing a MAC Makeup review this week), and used my return money to purchase tickets for Boyfriend and I to see Watchmen. Boyfriend loved it. Me? Meh, not so much. It was entertaining and completely packed theatre.

Unknowingly to me, when we went on Friday it was opening night. The line-up went all down the hallway, outside, and wrapped around the building.  So many nerdles (nerds lol) around too. We were the last people in line, an hour before the movie. When we got seats, we decided they sucked and asked if we could exchange our tickets for Saturday. Score. We went two hours before the movie this time, and was 6th in line — and got our sweet spot seats. The movie was three hours long, again like I said: entertaining, but not my favourite kind of movie to watch. Next, I want to see He’s Just Not That Into You. But Boyfriend won’t see it, room mate already saw it. So I asked my Mom to burn it for me and send it up with my ‘care package’ she’s putting together for me, for Easter. Awwww….

Anyway. That’s my confession for the day.

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  1. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Watchmen. So mean LOVE it, some people hate it, some people are lukewarm. Odd.

    I just saw Slumdog Millionaire last night — I definitely recommend it!

  2. I dunno what to think about Watchmen. I dont think it’d be for me :/

    I don’t think you broke the “no buy month” rules, I think you are good! :P very good idea!

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