So far so good with NaBloPoMo hey? Writing everyday isn’t that hard for me since I update on a very regular basis as it is. Well then, let’s get to the OOTWW shall we?

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Thursday / Yesterday we had a Professional Development day. Normally we have this on every Remembrance Day and are allowed to wear jeans. This time however, we were talked about our appearance on Business Casual in the work force. The woman who came in looked like she stepped out of NYC in her fancy clothes. It was very nice mind you, but apparently my boots (that I wore on Thursday) do not belong at work. Huh. Who knew. I thought they were stylish. Also, skinny pants, and leggings with long tunics/long sweaters aren’t either. I’m sad!! Does this mean I have to stop wearing all my new stuff to work now? I don’t get it. I’m afraid to ask anyone lol :(

So off that topic. It’s Friday, and also Random Act of Kindness Day. Interesting. I was at a stop light and I was the 3rd or 4th car back. These two guys who I assumed wanted money for something, or were preachers were holding up something and coming towards the cars. I locked my doors because I’m afraid like that, but then as they got closer I just saw a newspaper and the guys looked kinda cute. Both of them. So I rolled my window down and he said “Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!“, handed me a newspaper and said “See? That’s what it’s all about“, since I took the newspaper gladly, as the other cars in front of me didn’t — I laughed and thanked him. By that point he was gone, and the light was green.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

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  1. I like wednesday’s outfit!
    Business casual has still got to be very professional … is that what your dress code is supposed to be? Because to a lot of companies that means closed toe shoes or boots, black trousers or knee length skirt or shift dress, no bare legs, nothing above the knee, no shoulders exposed (short sleeves okay but not if you’re supposed to be formal/standard), etc etc. We get away with a bit more – some girls wear tank tops without a cardigan and I knew a woman who wore khakis (!) to the office – because we’re not customer facing but we’ve still got to have a certain standard. You’re lucky you can wear skinny trousers to the office, mine won’t let us!

    Nancy says: I think all of this is going to change soon and my OOTWW’s aren’t going to be as “fashionable” so to speak. I bought all these nice new boots, skinny pants – in style clothing and I think at our next staff meeting we may be told to wear dress pants instead. Uh oh.

  2. Hey Nancy, nice outfits as usual. It’s a shame if those fashionable items become “prohibited”. I hate to look so boring at work.

    My favs. this week were tuesday and wednesday. You look so classy and i loved your hair. Everything looks beatiful, including the necklace (liked it since i saw on last week’s ootw).
    Plus wednesday looks comfortable and pratical.

    By the way, have you tried wearing a skirt or dress with those boots? They would totally rock it.

    Nancy says: Thanks for the tip Aline. I think I only have 2 skirts. One of them being that grey one, with the circles which I presume isn’t fall-winter-appropriate. As well as a black one that I rarely wear because it has to sit so high on my waist but it’s a nice length (to the knee)… But I wouldn’t know what shoes to wear with it.

  3. The black one is a pencil skirt? You can try making something like tuesday, just replacing the pants for the skirt.

    If it doesn’t look good you can try changing the other items.

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