Menu plan Monday

Top of the morning!

I haven’t done one of these menu plan Monday’s in forevah. We went shopping at a few new places that opened up around our area this weekend, and bought a whack load of groceries while we were at it. Last night I chopped up all my veggies for tonight’s supper, and tomorrows! Naturally productive.

Let’s get to it.

Monday lunch: Roast chicken, carrots & mashed potatoes (Leftovers from last night)
Monday supper: Lemon Pepper stir fry (Note to self: Put this on the recipe page)

Tuesday lunch: Lemon Pepper stir fry leftovers or maybe Tuna fish sandwich on grilled bread with cheese.
Tuesday supper: Beanless chicken enchiladas, or chicken quesadillas.

Wednesday lunch: Tuna sandwich
Wednesday supper: Roasted potatoes (or fries) with cauliflower, carrots and either pork or chicken (very indecisive about this one hey?)

Thursday lunch: Frozen dinners
Thursday supper: Fish sticks with fries, or frozen pizza

Friday lunch: Tuna sandwich
Friday supper: Rich and creamy white chicken spaghetti

Anything you have planned this week for supper? Craving anything in particular? I don’t necessarily stick to this entire meal plan. We’re easily bribed with other foods.

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