Two trips to the hospital and…

Nothing entirely major. But,I’m planning two trips to the hospital today. Why? Well I guess I don’t exactly talk much about it on my website, do I — so you all probably have absolutely no idea what’s going on in that regard. I’d like to think I have an abnormally high pain tolerance and I don’t know where I got it from because on the other end, I’m such a worry wart that my stomach is almost always in knots before a game, before a staff meeting, and everything in between.

To give you a rundown; I pulled something in my ankle in summer 2008 outdoor soccer. I collided with another player as we tried to hit the soccer ball at the exact same time. I’m a right (sometimes left) wing, playing striker. So the defenders are usually broader, much taller women that are twice the size of me. So when my right foot hit the soccer ball on the inside of my foot as I was about to pass/kick it, something tore, or pulled. It felt like I had broken my foot. I’m not one to fall to the ground and have the whistle blown against the other player. I try to sub off the field.  But sometimes referee’s are jackasses and won’t let me off. I had tears forming in my eyes, trying not to let them roll down my face. I wasn’t able to put any weight on it, so I didn’t do anything. I stood on the field until I was allowed off.

I was fine, the next day. 100%.

It never made much sense to me. I tried wrapping it, I tried arnica cream (that apparently works wonders for my team mates, but not I) . It never swelled up, or bruised.

Ever since then I couldn’t go more than 3 games indoor or outdoor without doing the same damage, over and over. Occasionally I’ll favor my left leg and limp a wee bit. I decided not to go to my family doctor in Guelph which is about a 45 minute drive out of my direction, obviously in another city. Plus since she “forgot” about one of my diagnosis / didn’t write it in my chart — I haven’t been back to her since.

I decided enough was enough, when I finally hurt it one more time on November 15. I was playing indoor and during the first few minutes of the second half I came 0n the field subbing for one of my players and I tore my ankle apart. I came off almost 2 minutes into my play time and had to come off. I sat down again, and just held my leg so it wouldn’t touch the ground. I knew I didn’t break it because I could move it a bit, but it was just unbearable and frustrating that something like this kept happening.

I went to my Chiropractor about 5 months ago to get him to fix it, but all he’s been doing is adjusting some stuff and it’s fine for a day or two but as soon as I play soccer it does something and whatever is happening in there, tears. So, I decided to quit going to the chiropractor altogether (mainly because my insurance doesn’t cover any more costs for the year — I’ll have to wait for January if I want to go back to him), and go to a Sports Medicine clinic in the city where a soccer team mate recommended that I go (plus, she works there!).

I went on Monday, and had xray’s. The Doctor also mentioned I should get a bone scan, which is this morning at 11:15 at a hospital that I have never been to, or seen in person. I printed off a route to get there on google maps, and apparently I’ll have to find some off street parking because it’s on a main road, and it costs $6 to park. Since I have to visit twice that day, I’m  not paying $12 for my bone scan if I don’t have to.

They inject my hand with some dye for a half hour and I leave once that’s done, and ocme back three hours later after my system has been poisoned filled up with dye and go back at 2:15 for the scan.

Hassle hassle.

The Doctor said if the bone scan and xray’s don’t show anything (whether it be a fracture, or bone chip in my talus) he’ll have to book a CT scan and MRI if the latter three doesn’t work.

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

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  1. I hope the doctor finally finds what’s wrong. And yes, going into the hospital multiple times is annoying, but it’s for a good thing.

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