Before I purchased my car in October of 2009, I always said I’d go places more often. I think that’s less of the case now, as I rarely go anywhere because I don’t know how to get there. That’s no excuse now, is it? My mom’s elderly aunt lives in Guelph, so on Sunday I decided to take the drive over there and visit her since I haven’t been to Guelph since May.

After my visit I had to pop into Stone Road Mall and pick up a few things at Lush. This was my second trip to Lush, ever. So I decided to purchase more things as I was pleased with it the first time.

Oh Guelph, you’re hard on the wallet…

After smelling nearly everything in the store, I ended up buying more products than just bath bombs and bubble bars. The lady that helped me was kind, except I didn’t end up getting any samples/freebies. Everyone has such luck getting freebies there. I’ll have to try again next time :)

Lemony Flutter — hand /body cream. The Lush sales woman ended up scrubbing my hands with Ocean Salt and then adding Lemony Flutter on top of it. My hands were incredibly smooth, not oily/greasy, and I could still feel it on my hands after I washed them a couple of times! I will be mostly using this cream on my hands and feet when I get out of the shower. The smell is a bit disturbing, as it reminds me of Pledge – the wood cleaner. Yea. And possibly used to help people sleep.

BIG Shampoo — One of their best sellers. It claims that the shampoo will give you big, bouncy, voluminous hair, so far I have gotten basically the same results as any other volumizing shampoo. However it’s very nice, and lathers to an amazing big poof. Apparently it also adds shine. My hair is already silky and shiny which actually is a pain because it’s hard to style as nothing will hold a curl etc..

BB Seaweed Mask — Guess it’s not available online? I had picked out the Love Lettuce mask at first until I was told it was better for an oily type skin, and since I have dry I was eligible for the Banana Bread or Seaweed Mask. The Banana Bread mask smelled exactly the same as you would think. It was kind of weird to be using that on my face so I opted for the Seaweed one.

Fizzbanger Ballistic — I think this one is supposed to create bubbles in the bath. Apparently the inside of this fizzbanger is blue on the inside, and turns your water green (yellow bubble bar + blue inside = green)

Cinders Bath Bomb — (apparently these only come out for the holidays – luckily I came this time of year, as I got this last year and loved it). Cinders has pop rocks inside and crackles and makes noises in your water. Can’t say I noticed that the last time I used it, but it sure is neat. It smells amazing too.

Bearded Lady Bubble Bar — I have no idea what this one is supposed to do. I had to look it up online again, and it says that it’ll soften your skin in the bath as it has moisturizing oat milk in it. I like moisturizing products. I remember the Mango bar did this to my skin last year. Heeeevuhnn.

Dragon’s Egg Bath bomb — This is a bubbly bath bomb. I’m excited to try it out in the tub. The kids in the store were all over this one. I thought it’d be fun.

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  1. I’ve never been in Lush before. The crazy scents scare me. I mean, it’s so overwhelming when I pass by that I don’t want to go in, lol. Is it very expensive?

    Nancy says: The scent of the store is pretty unbearable at first. Have a look online at their website…sometimes you can divide stuff into two baths, etc…

  2. Hey, Lush is awesome (if you can handle the smell). I am “scent” sensitive meaning my allergies go into overdrive when a scent especially perfume-type smells are overwhelming. Lush is one of those places the same goes for walking through the cosmetics section at the Bay or Sears. Usually have to cover my nose!

    I have a friend that started a business a few years ago, she makes soaps, bath bombs, lotions etc from home and it’s a canadian based business. Her stuff is great, check it out http://www.sequoia.ca.

  3. I’ve never been inside a lush before. Ive shopped online a few times but only for gifts. I need to get me inside a store! :D

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