Tuesday: Wasn’t sure whether or not to wear it how it was, or pair it with the green cardigan and black boots shown below. What do you think?
Wednesday:  I really liked my outfit and even got a compliment from my co-worker (Hi Julie!). It just didn’t photograph well.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I think I may end up going Christmas shopping (anyone have MP3 players in their list?). I have so many ideas, I wish I could share — except my whole family and friends read this blog. Sarryyyy. ;)

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  1. Liked them all. You look cute in everyone of those. Tuesday looks great with both the white or green cardi. But yes, the black boots are better imo.

    Anyway, my favs are monday (loved the top and cardi) and wednesday.

  2. Love it all! As usual :)

    Hmm, maybe if you use a longer cardigan (Tuesday’s and the photo below it) with a thinner belt? Not sure… I’ve seen it done a few times and it looks nice.

    Nancy says: Thanks lady friend! That’s what I thought was “wrong” with Tuesdays. The cardi looked too short, ha.

  3. I don’t know why I’m telling you this haha BUT if you’re ever in kitchener they have the BEST boutique there. I forget what it’s called but they hooked up everyone from the show. Like…swear to god best boutique I’ve been to. It’s right across from the place we had the finale…which I also don’t know the name of…this post is the worst most unhelpful post ever haha.

    Don’t judge.

  4. You are so adorable! U need to buy me clothes and dress me seriously! Mon and Fri are my faves here but all of them are oh-so-cute!

  5. don’t think the brown belt does it justice…maybe need black since you have black boots (i think–hard to really see in the pic)
    I love that Friday cardigan…

  6. I love Friday’s cardigan — if I could only shop at Anthropologie, I wouldn’t be sad :D
    I am also in love with Thursday’s cardigan with the scarf; the color really pops & the stripes add enough contrast to make it interesting without overdoing it. You are just so cute!
    Tuesday’s/additional photo: Really cute style concept — you totally pull off the high belt! I think if the belt were black or matched the tan boots or dark blue to complement/blend with the dress & thinner it would be perfect.

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