and I’ve done it!

Today, I completed my first road race! As I mentioned previously last week I didn’t have much time or notice to train for my first road race ever. I had the option to choose between a 2.5km, 5km, and 10km run. I wanted to start of small so I registered for the 5k right after work on Friday afternoon, so I couldn’t back out of it when I said I’d register on race day. They had a 2.5k loop around one of the University’s and around the park which is just my backyard pretty much! So when I was practicing I did two loops (= 4.01K) in 5 days. In order to make it the full 5K we had to do a lap each time around the track surrounding the football field. I didn’t practice that because I don’t think we’re usually allowed in there?

My first lap was pretty decent, online it tells me I did it in 14:11 where as my second lap is what slowed me down, but that’s okay I still made it in 15:49 which made me get a time overall of 30:05 (gun time). My chip time was 30:00, which is what I wanted to beat. This is only my first of many races to come in the future. Start small, go big. There’s another 5k & 10k road race in October. I think the BF will run the 10k and I’ll put another 5k under my belt. BF thinks I can get my 5k down to 26 minutes or so. Hope he’s right, I’ll definitely be training more outside now that it’s cool and not as humid here.

So.. you guys ready for this? After all that, I placed second in my age group!!! Wonderbarrrrr. Wasn’t expecting that at all, of course I was totally stoked when they called my name. So happy. I wore my medal the whole 5 minute walk home, posed a few times in the field while BF took photos of me. It was so great to hear someone cheer ME on regardless if I acknowledged his presence during my run haha. Usually I’m the cheerleader for BF.

Dah da da daaaa.. photos!

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