Is that a Banana in your pocket…


First off. Happy Earth Day, everyone! (Remember, today is also the day we need to start bringing our own grocery bags to the store or we will be purchasing them for $0.05 each.)

hammockFor those of my readers who live in Canada, have you ever seen the television show called Dragons Den? It comes on CBC and it consists of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in order to score some financing from “The Dragons” which are business experts themselves.

There was one episode where a person came on trying to market their banana holders so your banana’s don’t get bruised and mushy.

In the morning, you don’t really know exactly what you want to snack at work, and the banana’s are right there within your reach on the kitchen counter in the cute little banana hammock. Throw it in your purse and off you go on your commute to work/school. Once you’re ready to eat that said banana, it’s bruised like no other and tastes all mushy. Yech!

Nobody likes mushy bananas.

So, the person (don’t remember if it was a guy/girl) invented a plastic cover to go over your banana. Like a tupperware container for your sandwiches — just banana shaped. Well, the Dragons turned the idea down! Point being, my boyfriend and I were at Zellers a few weeks ago (maybe months…?) and saw this exact same banana holder! The guys ended up getting some sort of deal from other investors whom obviously watched this episode. I picked it up and had an “ah-ha, I remember this!” moment. But immediately put it down because I really don’t give a crap about banana holders, and the price was a little high for my liking even if I was interested in purchasing this product.

Okay, so the point of this blog entry was to mention that I stumbled upon something that reminded me exactly like the banana holders that were shown on  Dragon’s Den. Except with a little more erotic. Totally legit Banana Bunker. O_o I’ll leave the rest up to you.


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  1. I must say that stuff reminds me some other naughty articles…….I must get rid of my old dirty bloody mind!!!!

  2. oh, wow. honestly, smart idea. i would love one. but.. might wanna rethink the design just a tad? haha.

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