Ta da.

“Oh S*#$”, I mumbled… when I read the word “Nancy” on Heather’s blog where she tagged a few people to do this random picture post thing that everyone has been doing for the past week or so. Does she know another Nancy? She must. I hovered over the name (my name) and it was my website.  I was hoping this wouldn’t happen to me!

Thankfully, I was at work, which meant I looked at least somewhat half decent as it is. Ah ha! I win. I woke up earlier than usual this morning because it’s Wednesday. Wednesday’s usually consist of early staff meetings at work. Which means I usually try and sleep in as much as possible in order to get into work on time, by commuting onto two buses. But today I woke up extra extra early and tried some new make up routine (putting eye-shadow under my eye. I thought I looked wonderful, until someone at work asked me if I got enough sleep last night. Fail.) Won’t be doing that again.

So. Here’s that mug of me right now. 11:47AM Wednesday Morning: LUNCH TIME!!!1!1!


I will tag people as well at the bottom of the entry. But before I do, here are the rules:

* Take a picture of yourself right now.
* No primping or preparing.
* Just snap a picture.
* Load the picture onto your blog.
* Tag some people to play along.

Go ahead Mandi, Leanne, Pam … you can thank me later :p

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