Yesterday was rough on both Scott and I. Not sure what happened but we definitely came down with something. Poor BF got maybe 3hrs sleep the night prior, and Monday’s are our busiest day of the week because we get home from work all rushed to wolf down some supper as Alfie has obedience school, and thennnn the BF has hockey immediately after.

Obedience training was really difficult last night. Alfie’s getting into the saucy teenage stage, even if he’s young (5 mths tomorrow!). He would not sit/stay for me at all, and I literally was sweating up a storm. The instructor always likes to touch my back when she talks to me and told me to wear a tank top next time lol.

I headed to bed at 9PM last night, as I was exhausted for no good reason because I NEED/LOVE my 8hrs of sleep. But I listened to my body anyway. Woke up at 11:30PM just as the BF was getting home from hockey, let the pup out of his crate to pee. Then I mentioned to Scott I wasn’t feeling good. I ended up going back to bed then waking up at 1:00 to hurl my guts up. I hate how I couldn’t get sick, but I actually had to make myself do it. It makes me cry when I have to be ill, I’m not sure why. It’s scary I suppose. But after that I felt 100% and headed back to bed only to wake up again (when Scott was still awake doing work! Poor BF!) at 2:30.

Not a good night. BF ended up staying home today, and I’m the trooper sitting here at work.

I think there must be something going around at work, because there’s quite a few staff, and staff’s family members (kids) that are ill.

I’m hungry… or sick. I can’t distinguish.

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  1. Ugh…I am so sorry you and the BF are sick. Not good!! You are definitely a trooper for being at work!! :)

    Nancy says: Thanks Kelly. I was off twice this month already with my sinus flu, I guess I felt the need to come in.

  2. So many sicknesses going around. It’s awful. My hubby has been down for the count since Friday night with streap throat. Hope you all feel better quick!

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