Spa day: at home!

We’re getting into the drier months now, and it’s time to focus on your skin not sucking into itself and shriveling up. Er, I mean.. it’s time to moisturize the heck out of your skin to keep having that summer glow! Right?

I’m one of the lucky ones who’ve never had major issues with their skin. I do find that my skin is a little sensitive (and reacts to certain eye creams: Warning, the following post shows a photo of me with an allergic reaction/puffy eyes) and it gets a little red, sometimes tight when I wash it with certain face washes.

I’ve been sticking to my skin care regime pretty faithfully. But for my facial wash, I now use Philosophy’s Purity cleanser, it’s gentle and I’ve never had any issues with it in the past 6 months of using it twice a day.

On a not so regular basis, I like to pamper my skin and do mud-masks and have a spa day in the comfort of my own home. I think that exfoliating your skin on a regular basis (at least once a week) is a pretty important step in anyone’s skin care routine. I’ve had this Philosophy’s micro exfoliating treatment laying around my apartment for a good 6+ months before I got the courage to use it. I won a huge beauty basket on Twitter, and this was inside. It looked intimating.

Reading the instructions scared me a little. The first step was applying the yellow jello-like goo. It was like a scrub, and I applied it all over my face (as you can see below). Then it was time for the second step – the activator. It caused a noticeable warming effect onto my skin. I was a little worried to be honest, but it didn’t burn. Just felt really warm. I left it on for the amount of time I was supposed to and washed it off with water and a wash cloth.

I can’t say I noticed a difference in my skins appearance, texture or smoothness. Perhaps one jar’s worth of this product isn’t enough to make an educated answer on how well it works for the skin. Perhaps it’s something one needs to use regularly to notice a difference.

Will I ever purchase this item myself? Probably not. It was neat while I tried it, but it didn’t wow me with results.

I am not affiliated with Philosophy, as I said I won this gift set at a Twitter party.

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  1. I’ve used Philosophy in the past because Oprah recommended it! :) The facial cream was very light (which I liked). There’s also an eye cream for puffy eyes I have used but I didn’t feel I had any results from it. The exfoliating routine I liked as I felt ‘fresh’ afterwards, however that could be just a personality observation-whether it really did anything, I’m not sure. I paid for it however, so in terms of whether the product was worth it? Probably not. As with most cosmetic/cleansing products, they are mostly overpriced.

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