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What’s this? Blogging 4 times in two days? Madness! So like the topic says, we all have our favorite products. But of course, they sometimes get discontinued. Since we’re on the topic of creams and lotions and my eczema is dying for some slathering of cream, I decided to question you all.

Believe it or not, if I love some kind of product I use it sparingly in case the certain thing I use… gets discontinued. My mom gave me a huge pump jar of this Johnson & Johnson lotion (that smells so divine). I couldn’t bare to use it each day. However the past 4 or 5 months, every few days I’ve been using it on my legs after I get out of the shower. I can smell it now, I can’t wait to have another shower after I get back from my soccer game tonight. ANYWAY, I haven’t searched that hard for a new bottle, but I think I’ll have to start soon, because it’s pretty much almost all used up. Anyone know where this exact pink lotion bottle is? Maybe I’ll check walmart…or I can resort to the expensive MAC products, but I don’t want to slather that $30 4oz pump jar all over my body.

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  1. OMG i used to use that stuff in highschool, it smelled SOOO GOOD. i haven’t seen in stores recently though ..

    i’ve been using vaseline cocoa butter on my legs/arms. it smells good too!

  2. Check in the baby aisle at Walmart. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it there. And a comment on your previous post. Avene products are magical. I know that sounds cheesey but its true. I get eczema on my legs in winter and for the past year or so I use this expensive organic moisturizer (Éminence) on the spots after i use regular moisturizer, it helps.

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