What I ate Wednesday

I thought I’d participate in What I Ate Wednesday going around on the blogs that I’ve been reading lately. I woke up extra early because I had a special treat delivered to me at work yesterday; a lunch bag full of Chobani! Yum! Thanks Emily.

The past few weeks I’ve been waking up an hour earlier than usual. I like having the extra time to sit around and relax in the mornings. Especially when it comes to Alfie pup cuddles!Wednesday’s are the longer days at work, because we have to go into work a half hour earlier than usual. But this morning didn’t stop me from surprising my Boyfriend with a Big Breakfast in bed! 

I cooked all the hot stuff first, of course. Then I decided to make a greek yogurt parfait with the chobani. What flavor to pick though? Can you guess which one I went with?

I added strawberries on the bottom, strawberry chobani, and granola from the Blue Menu box from Zehrs. Soo good with yogurt. It’s one of my go-to breakfasts in the summer time. Nice and cool.

Those hashbrowns were cut up from real potatoes from our household. We ran out of them over the weekend and I decided to make my own. They were a little undercooked, whoops.Everything all finished and ready to bring into slumbering Scott. Can you believe I woke up at 6:15 am this morning to do that? I don’t think I’ve ever done this for someone. Maybe 2012 is my year for being a morning person. He must be a pretty special guy if you ask me.

My breakfast was smaller since I don’t like sausages, so I had my “big breakfast” with a banana.

Mid-morning I drank a … spot ‘o tea to warm up my insides.

Lunch time was super quick with back to my unhealthy regimen consisting of a frozen dinner and a barq’s root beer. Mmm mouth watering. Seriously though, I love this stuff. I had to go back to Sephora after being there yesterday to return my new Laura Mercier foundation. They re-formulated the moisturizing foundation and the colors are way off. When applied on the face it’s cakey, greasy and orange. Not the look I was going for. Laura Mercier replaced the moisturizing foundation with this moisture supreme orange foundation which got a million and one rants on the rating part of Sephora’s website. Now I’m back on the hunt for another Holy Grail foundation. Bummer.

Schhhnackin’s cause I’m a candy eater. I ate … a lot of these. Come to Canada and this is what our currency looks like. This is a loonie, or $1.00.

Supper â€” my most favorite meal of the entire day. I’m not a big breakfast person, more of a indulge in supper kinda gal. This is one of my by-far favorite meals I make. I actually got my brother to write his recipe down when I was in Newfoundland back in October, and now it’s staple in our household. Yum yum! Lemon pepper chicken stir fry.

So there you have it â€” a What I ate Wednesday blog post. Do you like these sort of posts? Want me to keep doing them? Hoo boy, this blog posts takes a lot of work taking photos and inserting them and talking about each and every food photo. It’s hard being a food blogger for a day!

I was supplied the chobani free of charge, but it was so tasty I couldn’t help blog about it. Did you know that you can cook with it too? Here are some recipes I found on their site.

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  1. Everything looks good! haha I was wondering though if you noticed how there are more carbs in some shape or form for that day? (Fruit, Breads,Pasta, Chocolate, Potato) .. not being critical AT ALL just something i noticed since i’m on a variation of Paleo (temporarily).

    Nancy says: I actually didn’t notice that at all! I’m not paleo (because I do love carbs and candy) but my local CrossFit gym is having a Paleo-Challenge for 6 weeks for the people who’d like to try. I am not willing to give up certain foods :) I guess also, every day is different for me. Some days are piled with carbs, other’s not so much. I appreciate your comment!

  2. I LOVE the fact that you had some loonie chocolate. Personally, I feel like they taste like soap, but I love the Canadian foil.

    I’m not growling, but STAY AWAY FROM THE ROOTBEER!!!

    Nancy says: I’m going to say… no to giving up the RootBeer. Barq’s is the BEST!

  3. I’m a little behind in reading but I just noticed that your laura mercier foundation has changed? I hate it when companies change their formulas! I used to use powder mineral foundation (those 4 in 1’s) but my skin has gotten drier, I guess I’m getting older. You should see if you can get a sample of Lancome Teinte Idole. It’s very nice. I’m using that now I like it. Lise Watier has a nice mousse foundation too, it gives you a “dewey” look. I don’t know if Sephora sells either.

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