Beautiful Burges

Bonerific font: Burges Script. Last week we purchased it at work, and I had no idea how to use it at first, because I went into Photoshop and tried to just type some random crap. It didn’t look as fancy as it did online! Trying to figure it out for myself after 5 minutes I got annoyed and I called the Veer 1–800 customer service number and was like “Wtf am I doing wrong?”, apparently I had to use either InDesign or Illustrator (my pick) and use the Glyph’s palette. OMG WONDERFUL. I’m in love with this font.

So I created a little image banner for you all to look at and drool over, and ponder whether or not you’ll get it too.

(click to enlarge)

So, got any plans for this weekend? Last night I had a really late soccer game (10:30PM!!)—we are so unbeatable. Ever since we started both of our indoor leagues back in mid–October we haven’t lost a game. However, last night was an exception. We’re at the top of our tier with other teams not even close to beating us. I’ve managed to somehow score a goal if not two, pretty much every game. We’re on such a high right now. We have also only tied one game. I’m on the same team as I play with my outdoor ladies, except we’re split in half. So sometimes we have to play our other half team, but in indoors. It’s really quite fun, especially getting out of the house twice a week on Thursdays, and Sunday evenings. It keeps me from committing to purchasing a year long gym membership. They want the money up front! Anyway, we’ll see how the new year goes as far as money is.

This weekend I plan on getting my Christmas party dress out of storage, along with the fancy dancin’ shoes. I also plan on going to take another trip into Toronto tomorrow morning to do a little shopping for myself, since I’m done the whole Christmas shopping for everyone on my list. YAY!

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