wire.d OWW!!

I really havfta post two times today.


You guys. I am SO wired right now. The first time I was writing the previous entry, I was about a ¼ the way through my hot drink from starbucks.

devil-in-disguiseYesterday my alarm didn’t go off, but thankfully I woke up when my room mate was walking around. Wednesdays are usually staff meeting mornings which means I have to wake up earlier than usual. Well I set my alarm to go off stupid early this morning, and I headed out with an extra fifteen minutes to spare to make up from being rushed yesterday. What did I do? I headed into Starbucks for a yearly treat (I never go inside that place because of the insane prices), plus I had a gift card — scooore!

I hate the taste of coffee, and I didn’t want my regular mocha frap since even though I was wearing bermuda shorts, I didn’t want a cold drink. So I gandered at the menu for 20 seconds until it was my time to order. I thought I’d try some espresso. WHOA.

Just omg, you guys. Wow, this espresso is the devil in disguise. It’s like I feel tipsy with alcohol, but without the stumbley walk and blurred vision lol.  Jeeze what a newbie hey? I’m sure a lot of you are just laughing your asses off at me right now. Looks like I said that before but I’m not a coffee drinker, remember? Rarely drink tea (My Dad told me it stunts your growth, plus I put way too much sugar in it). So i bought myself a tall skinny vanilla latte. Whatever the hell that was. It tasted terrific and nothing like coffee at all. I downed that sucker, and I hope I don’t come down from this wonderful high lolollll.

K baaiiyyyy!

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  1. I agree with you Starbucks stinks. I shouldn´t say so taking into account a friend of mine from Guatemala lives on selling his coffee harvest to them but…..I prefer to drink a real ristretto from a usual café (coffee shop) than diving into a tank full of dirty water.

  2. They are soooo good!

    I use to be a starbucks hater but since then, I’ve accepted that their beverages are much better than Tim Horton’s :P

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