Quizno’s, you’re back in my good books!

Remember my whole dilemma with Quizno’s subs, and how they removed my favorite Peppercorn Caesar Chicken from their menu? I stopped going because I hated everything else on the menu, and I really wasn’t biased because I actually tried a few of their other subs and didn’t even finish them.

Well! Have I got news for you! If your taste buds were as unhappy as mine were, and drooled about the thought of their peppercorn caesar dressing, drizzled on their sandwiches with their AMAZING BREAD you too missed out for quite a while. Until  they brought out their new Turkey caesar Sandwich!! Ugh, to die for. It’s basically the same as the chicken sandwich but instead of chicken strips, it’s just turkey deli meat and they’re so so generous with their servings, that if you just close your eyes and dive in… you can’t taste the difference. Or, at least I couldn’t. How could I remember the taste anyway? It’s been a year since I’ve eaten at the bloody place. I even contemplated writing a complaint and to tell them to bring back their Peppercorn Ceasar Chicken. But alas, I let it go, and they did bring something similar back.

My belly is happy.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow. It’s a big day!

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