Looks like a busy month already, huh?

I’m organized only, when it comes to my desk calendar and writing things down by color coding them.

Green — soccer games/practices. It will be up to 3 days a week starting next month. Woah! Tone that belly.
Pink — appointments
Blue — somewhat important dates to remember (like filling my purple tipped nails, and perhaps go for pink, or a french next time?)
Black — word related / reminders / bdays
$ — pay days lol

yeh yeehhh.

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  1. I have a calendar hanging on my wall that gets no use at all. I’m so unorganized, but I play it off with my Moleskine planner. I don’t really use it, except to write down assignments from my syllabus. Other than that, it’s just as useless as my wall calendar.

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