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As you guys probably already know. I am a big fan of purses. I normally just purchase them from the Canadian version of TJMaxx, Marshalls etc. This place is famously known to us Canadians as … Winners. Last summer I even branched out and bought a bag from H&M. However, in the back of my head I’ve always eyed a few designer brand names like marc jacobs handbags. The priceier handbags usually means better quality, and just so luxurious looking to the touch as well! I love soft leather.

But you know what? After using them for about a year or so, I just get sick of them. Probably because I’m picking some really bold colors. But with a nice rich brown or black classic never-ending style look to them—I could probably justify shelling out the money for a gorgeous piece from marc by marc jacobs. Do you like the one shown below? I have been flocking more towards gold hardware than silver. I find silver too rocker-eqsue, which I’m not a fan of. Gold and black simply shouts timeless right? Thought I think I’d rather brown and gold. As my friend said she was on the hunt for a good “baseball glove brown” colored purse. That color just describes it perfectly!

I’ve been going on the Blue Fly website every so often to check out some purses hoping they’d drop in price. It’s nearly my entire paycheque for one of these sleek classy looking bags. But I guarantee if you take care of one of these they’d last more than a year. Don’t you think? I’m a total fan of plain, soft leather purses. Much better than a Coach bag that has their logo smeared all over it, I have to say I was never a fan of coach purses. Unless they were just plain leather of course.

Blue Fly is a great site to shop on for high end purses like Prada, Christian Dior, Chloe (another personal fav of mine), and other great pieces by Cole Hann. TONS to oggle and dream over.

My question to you, ladies (and gentleman?)…do you own any high end purses? I love my Nine West purses but they’ve seem to not last as long as I would like them to. Plus I don’t know how to clean them properly, and if I drop a bit of dough on them I want to know how to do so properly.

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  1. When you tire of your yellow/gold one, mama could surely use it. She doesn’t mind hand me downs. hehehe

  2. I totally covet Marc Jacobs purses!
    I love Coach purses but i mostly just buy the leather ones because i feel they are a bit classier, however i’ve never bought one at a regular Coach store, just the outlets, i love a good deal!
    I’m totally going to check Blue fly out right now, that black purse is gorgeous :)

  3. I BlueFly also. I’m lucky enough to live very close to an outlet mall. They have stores like Saks 5th Avenue, Coach, Barneys, Juicy Couture, etc… I have a black leather Coach bag. I’m not a logo girl (I think it’s tacky). I’d drop some cash on a classic bag like a quilted leather Chanel. Something that will never go out of style. I’d call your local dry cleaners and ask how to care for a nice purse.

  4. My favorite outlet mall in NY has a marc Jacobs outlet. The had purses like the one you posted for like $400. I wish I had bought one! But I got 4 plain leather coach purses instead…and paid like almost nothing for them

    Nancy says: Omg is it in Buffalo? Like right near the border?

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