Bring back that sammich!

I am really thinking of contacting Quizno’s head office, to bring back one of our (boyfriend and I’s) favorite sandwich. We used to go there quite frequently because the BREAD was so much better than Subway’s. The ingredients were better quality. Plus, they had some pretty sweet deals when they had coupons out. I once forgot the name of my favorite sandwich as I was ordering. I looked up on the menu and was like “Whoa. Where did it go?”  Thankfully, I used to go to the one down the street and the same girl served me. Even though it wasn’t on the menu, she still made it for us because the ingredients were still in store: Chicken, ceasar dressing. But I mean, sometimes you need a break from your favorite fast food joint. I haven’t been in about a year, and now I feel weird if I went in there and there was some new kid serving me and I’d be like “Yeah, I’d like to make my own sandwich please. Ingredients areeee…”

Why oh why, Quiznos, did you stop making Peppercorn Ceasar Chicken sandwiches?! You lost two customers! This was the best tasting sub on the menu! Now everything is either filled with roast beef, or chicken AND bacon together. I do not like mixing my meats!

Bah. If I could only muster up the engery to write a nice message to Quizno’s saying how I miss that Peppercorn Ceasar chicken.

I shouldn’t even posted this. My belly wants it. (Wow. I post about food a lot, don’t I?)

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