Tighten those belts

I am lucky to say that my work place has not been affected in a negative way due to this economic downturn. I know that I am extremely lucky that our CEO has decided not to freeze our salaries, corporate raise happened on the 8th say whaaatt? YES! (I get a review 2x a year + all of the staff get a yearly raise due to rises in cost of living, etc). There were a few people who left, where I work, and we are a bit understaffed at the moment. I was surprised to hear the news at one of the staff meetings that the freeze was not in effect.

But! This does not mean I’m out spending my money all frivolously, or bragging about what I have.

I’ve put a lot of hard work into building up my savings account and emergency fund in case it takes a turn for the worst. I do still plan on purchasing my vehicle, and I’m being very smart about it. I am NOT taking out a huge loan and I’m putting down quite a bit on the down payment to justify buying a used car. I do not plan on driving all over God’s Farm and spending every cent on gas. I hope to just drive it mainly back and forth to work to save myself time. Right now I’m commuting two hours a day. In the morning it occasionally takes me 45 minutes to get to work with a stop down at the terminal, and another bus ride (yep, two) to work. The way home usually takes longer because it’s rush hour. I get into work later than the usual employee — I start my days at work at 9:45AM.

“Back in the day” when I used to get these e-mails from Banana Republic, Mexx and RW & Co. for 30% off anything in the store, I’d run into the mall immediately after work and see what I could splurge my money on. Not really the best thing to do. I’ve been budgeting tightly for the past year and really thinking before actually purchasing and giving into that “have to have it, right nowwww!” moment.I really think that living on my own, and budgeting accordingly has made me really grow up and think about the long term rather than the short term and do what i used to do, and just go wild with it and splurdge. Some days, I almost wish I was younger again, living with my parents so I could blow my paycheck on something stupid like clothes, lol.

Live’n’learn I guess, right? :)

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  1. I share your present point of view about money from the first to the last word, I wish there were more people like you leading our governments, economy, enterprises……

  2. I hope you get your car soon to make things easier! I hate stupid living situations (IE: living far away from work). Ugh.

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