Delurk yourself

If you read my site and have yet to introduce yourself, today’s the day! I really do enjoy “meeting” my readers and perhaps even add you to my daily blog reads. So, comment away my new found friends.

And for my dailies. Want to know more about me? Want different content? More photos? Less text? Vice versa? How do you like the content of this totally random blog? What topics would you like me to talk about more? Do you want to get to know me better? Ask me a question, any question (but nothing too crazy personal) in the comments!

Nice little short and sweet post. Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey, I post on SC and saw your blog link there, so I come on here once in a while and lurk, hope you don’t mind. Oh and my name on SC is Justine, we have talked before. :D

  2. Hi,
    Ok, I’ll introduce myself! I saw your blog address from the sc website and came to check it out…I thought your list of things that make you happy was pretty cool, so I hope you don’t mind that I added mine! I live in Montreal and studied Fine Arts…did you know that there is a wesbite where you can customize your own font from your handwriting for free…I think that`s pretty cool and will do it as soon as I have a chance! If you want I can find the website for you…maybe you already can do this as a graphic artist..

  3. You already know me, you introduced yourself on my blog first I think?!!? doesn’t matter….I just like reading whatever you have to say :)

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