Dancing with the cane

I hope everyone rang in the new year with a fantastic, and safe night! I was the designated driver for the night (don’t want any life insurance stuff happening for the beginning of 2010!), which I didn’t mind at all, because I can go wild whether I’m sober or smashed. Personally, I just hate spending the money on booze myself, when I can buy an article of clothing for a night out. lol so random.

I did end up spending the night nearly hugging the toilet when I was out with my Brother the same night he got off the oil rigs (December 28th I think?), we danced the night away (together!), and had a blast. Didn’t end up getting home til 5:30AM or so.

Okay, so back to the New Years celebrations. I picked up my best bud Trev and then went to pick up my boyfriend and his sister (who is so awesome, I swear even if my BF wasn’t around I’d still be her friend. Maybe BFF if we lived in the same city, let alone same province). We headed down to an art gallery, which wasn’t really an art gallery because everything was decorated in tinfoil (lol – so serious) and balloons. It was twenty bucks a head to get in, and there were a few people I knew would be there, DJ-ing some intense house music, so we could get our groove on with my climbing buddies.

BF, his sister and I left the party after just an hour to drive down to the lake and watch the fireworks. Jayyy-sus. I said to his sister it’s a wonder why we’er not moving back to the rock, it’s too damn windy. It was so painfully windy I contemplated crying … kidding. But it was intense winds and brutally painful on your face if it wasn’t covered up with a few scarves. We bolted out of there as soon as the ‘works were over and headed back to the party for a full night of dancing.

There was such a diverse amount of people there, mainly homosexuals and make-out fests everywhere you looked — but I honestly had one of the best NYE’s I’ve had in a long time. At first, I was like “meh, I’m not dancing” but the vibe of the people dancing, and the really really good music, I couldn’t stop. I’m so self-conscious when I’m sober when I dance, but not this time!! I was busting out the moves, especially with Trevor’s cane coming out at the end of the night. I grabbed that from him quickly, and used it as a prop to dance. I was laughed at a lot, but in a good way. I swear, people must have thought I was on extacy or something ridiculous. I’m not even kidding. I went wildddddddddddd. My boyfriend ended up taking photos of me with his blackberry, so I’ll maybe see those never? I’ll try and get them though.

At the end of the night I got my keys out and was ready to drive home. If anyone saw me dancing with that cane, and then saw me take out my car keys, I wouldn’t be surprised they’d be tempted to call the cops on me for thinking I was drinking and driving (didn’t have a sip, as you all know I mentioned above I was the D.D of the night).

Unfortunately, I don’t think any photos were taking of New years asd I left my jacket, purse and … basically everything in the trunk of my car because it was way too hot in the gallery, and I didn`t want anything stolen!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new years. I`m back in full swing and will be posting regularly again. Yippeee!

My vacation is almost over, and I’m sad. Okay, off I go make the best of it!

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