The day, the chi died….

So my CHI hair straightener, just three years old went out in style with a bit of drama. It never lit up to its full potential for about 6 months but I thought the light was just going. Well. The third day that I was home I had turned on my hair straightener right after blow drying my hair and as soon as I was waiting it for it to heat up, I was holding it as there wasn’t a spot to place it. Some sort of gas or smoke came spewing out of the connecting wire where it attaches to the bottom of the hair straightener and went in my eyes. I dropped the CHI hoping I wasn’t blinded by the smoking gas stuff, and rushed over to it to turn it off, then unplug it. It stank, but I’m not sure of what. It’s in the garbage now.

It must have clearly had a bad connection as my parents are both handy-type of people and didn’t think it’d be best to even look at the thing, just chuck it out.

I decided that I couldn’t go very long without a hair straightener and ordered the pink GHD off Beauty Ticket’s website. Unfortunately, they’re not available for purchase anymore as items on Beauty Ticket sell out fairly quickly, because I guess it’s just overstock and they sell it for cheaper.

I made it back to Ontario (today) in one piece. Of course the plane was delayed (when is it not?) and there were a ton of unclaimed shipping boxes in the luggage claim at Pearson airport. Not miiiiine. Knock on wood.

Back to the working grind tomorrow. Dreadful.

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  1. I got a CHI a couple years ago, and within a year I had to replace it three times because it kept shorting out. I’d plug it into the same outlets that all my other electronics do fine in, and it wouldn’t turn on. Once it broke while on vacation, so I bought a $20 flat iron from Target, and I’ve never gone back. It’s such a pain to get a new CHI, and this one works just fine.

  2. I am on my third chi in several years…my first one, a 3″ one, I gave to my daughter when she moved out. I got her old one then…not quite a hot but it still works, right Nancy ? :) I bought a 1″ one at Target in Florida last Spring…best problems.

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