New buildings, new theatres, a new walmart?

Last week, Scott and I went to see the movie Tron at the brand new Empire Theaters location. It had only opened less than a month ago and everything was so shiny and new. My boyf loves to watch every movie til the very end of the credits to see if there’s a little clip at the end. There wasn’t. By the time the movie was out there wasn’t anyone in sight, except for a few employees.

Inside the theater that we were in, was individual leather seating that rocked if you wanted them to move. Unfortunately I felt that the seating was meant for taller people as I felt my back and neck quite achy from the way the back of the seat was curved.

Look at how clean this place looks. We also scope out new Walmart buildings. I love brand new buildings. What can I say, we’re totally meant for each other, haha.

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  1. THAT IS SUCH A NICE THEATER. Billy does the same thing….we have to wait until the people working there kick us out because they need to clean so thanks for the heads up that there is nothing after Tron…now I will be able to leave ha! Let’s start a red face club k?! Have a great day!

  2. the theater near my place has the rocking seats. I find them very uncomfy because I have to sit holding myself back. It just feels very weird, so I drive a little farther for the older theater with the better seats. lol

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