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Found another old photo of my crazy orange hair. When can my hair be that long again? Actually, it probably is close to being that long. Not really. I’m getting my hair dyed on Friday. Be excited.

Random Fact: I’ve been trying to not shampoo my hair every single day. I did it for three consecutive weeks where say I washed my hair on Monday and didn’t do so again until Wednesday or Thursday. It’s difficult to train your hair! So often you don’t want to wear it up, and since my hair is fine – it looks terrible down on the second day. Very flat. I have two crowns on the back of my head so that’s not exactly appealing to see either once I roll out of bed. Lately though I’ve been washing my hair whenever I feel like it, which is almost every day again. I fail.

Anyone need to go to an effective alcohol rehab treatment centers? Where do I find them. Boy I tell you, I supply you all with the best news.

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  1. I am trying to train my hair too! But it is so difficult beause my hair always looks greasy. I tried that dry shampoo but it just made my hair feel gross and weighted down.

  2. Pretty sure it’s IMPOSSIBLE to “train” mine. Like Kelly said, it gets greasy so quickly. And I’m always using product… so erm, I NEED to wash the hairspray out!

  3. When I straighten my hair I try not to wash it everyday. I used a dry shampoo to combat the grease. It works I swear! I straighten my hair almost all the time now and I use KMS hairplay makeover spray. It goes on a little white at first. The secret too is to wash your brushes often (the hold oil) with a good shampoo (I used baby shampoo and it cleans it very well). I only wash my hair twice a week now.

    Nancy says: My hairbrush is from The Body Shop – it has wooden handle. But the brush parts are that silver-material thing. I’ve used dry shampoo, it’s not the grease that’s the problem. It’s the separating – it looks like I’m going bald!!! :(

  4. When my hair was long and curly I could wash it every other day but now that it’s short, I have to straighten it and I have to wash it daily or it looks oily. I loved it long and curly but I look way to young that way, so short hair it is.

    I have tried to wash it at night right before bed, let it air dry and then sleep on it and straighten it in the morning so that I could get away without washing it that night but it hasn’t been working lately.

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