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My weekend wasn’t as eventful as this upcoming one will be. On top of that it’s a busy end of month for me. A lot of stuff going on, which I don’t like talking about until it’s over. Nothing bad, but just for privacy reasons and I don’t want people e-stalking me, HA! So get this— I’ve been liking white ceramic things lately, and I’ve come across some white crystal singing bowls which I have no idea if the singing names mean that they actually “sing” or that’s just the name on them. Do you guys/gals own any singing bowls at all? The link I just posted are quite pricey and I wouldn’t have thought that but I suppose if they’re real crystal they would be that price.

What is everyone up to today? I’m going to CrossFit again tonight. It’s going to be absolutely brutal. Here’s a preview:

70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Box Jumps
40 Supine Pull-ups
30 Clapping Push-ups


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