Mommy’s girl

My Mom always reads my blog so I can never mention on here what I would be getting her for Christmas, her Birthday or upcoming Mother’s Day. But that’s okay because it’s not too much of an issue for me that she reads my blog. I don’t swear on here (anymore) and I don’t talk about work or many personal things. Just mostly the random thoughts that go through my head and I write and write and hopefully it turns out okay, ha ha!!

But seriously though, I think all Mothers need to be appreciated for Mothers Day (it’s on May 8 this year), and I really do appreciate everything that my Mom (and Dad!) has done for me all of these years. I miss her home cookin’, boy she’s some good cook I tell you guys right now. I wish I could just whip something up from the cupboard like her and have it turn out the way she does. I need recipes, and exact measurements. It’s a science to me that I don’t really just get right yet, and with her it comes naturally. One day I’ll be like her :)

There’s a store around here that has absolutely stunning flowers for Spring which would be perfect for Mother’s Day Flowers in Birmingham, or Newfoundland – wherever your Ma may be. I think I’m getting a tad bit homesick. My Birthday is May 7, Mothers Day is the 8th—it’d be nice to cuddle up with my momma just for a little bit, hehe.

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  1. Awwwwwww. Some sweetie ya are. I’m sure momma misses her little girl and could do with a little cuddle every now and then as well. Happy Early Birthday :-)

  2. It’s funny how as you get older your appreciate your parents more and more. I love my mom so much! Her birthday is May 2nd, so always around mother’s day. I need to do/find something great for her but have no idea what!!!

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