My CrossFit Journal (Week 4)

I LOVE CROSSFIT. I have completed week four and I’m still going strong. It honestly feels as though you’ve got a personal trainer with you constantly. You’re never doing moves wrong, and they’re there to spot you if you’re feeling a bit weak. You have these people who workout with you, who completely motivate you. They cheer you on when you’re doing something like the image shown below and can’t stand straight up. It totally works. Alright! Let’s get to my weekly summary…

Week 4 day 1, being Monday. I’m weak in the shoulders apparently. It was a bit disappointing to see everyone lift more than just the bar above their head, hahaha. At least it was a 45lb bar?

For our warm up we did 2 laps running outside, then practicing the technique of the workout to come.

First WOD (workout of day)
Push Press

5 presses, 5 times. There was a line up of people, so this took about a half hour for everyone to have a turn. One person lifts 5 times, then the next and so on. Then we get our second round in. etc.

After that was done, we had 10 minutes to complete AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

3 Good Morning (95/65)  = 95lb for men, 65lb for women. I couldn’t get the G.D. bar above my head since I was sore weak from pushpress so I did a 15lb bar with 10lbs on eah side. 35 in total, lol.
6 Bent Over Barbell Row (95/65)
1 lap outside

Click to enlarge. Images found on google.

My first round was done in no time and I was sprinting around the building keeping up the pace with the fast men. I ended up doing a total of exactly 6 rounds in 10 minutes. Not too bad. But I felt I could have lifted heavier, if I could have gotten the bar above my head and onto my back/shoulders.


Week 4 day 2, Tuesday. The schedule will be changing for CrossFit next week. I told him I wasn’t impressed. There aren’t any classes on Sundays, limited on Saturdays and on Friday’s the last class starts at 5:30. I only get off work at 5:30. I suppose I could go in the mornings, but I’m not a morning person. He thanked me for letting me know it wasn’t the most convenient for me, and if more people pipe up about it, then maybe they’ll add an extra class. Pffthh..

Okay so the warmup consisted of something like skipping, laps outside in the freezing cold, giggling with one another about how much food we consumed before arriving to class. So fun!

Front Squat 6×3 (Six times, 3 times each time). These Front Squats weren’t timed. Just had to do them.
Wall Balls & Pushups 30-25-20

Click to enlarge. Images found on google.

The front squat is difficult with weights, lol. I can’t get my butt low enough in the squat and I want to drop all the weight. We had 15 minutes to complete the second exercise, I think I completed it in roughly 8 or 9 minutes. The wall balls I have deemed as my least favorite exercise in the whole entire CrossFit exercises. I ended up throwing the 8lb medicine ball for the wall balls. You do 30 wall balls, then 30 pushups. 25 wall balls, then 25 pushups and so on.


Week 4 day 3, Wednesday. This class flew by. I think it’s because the other class overlapped by a few minutes and our WOD was only ten minutes long.

AMRAP 10mins
30 Double-unders
15 Ground 2 Overhead; 75/55lbs

The “snatch” exercise shown above isn’t exactly ‘ground to overheads’ as I didn’t bend down that much at the end of the snatch. It’s a more difficult move that we haven’t learned yet. Google just wasn’t showing me the Ground 2 Overhead images.. lol.

We had to complete AMRAP in ten minutes. I ended up doing three rounds. For the overhead I got a 15lb bar with 20lbs on it. The Ground to Overhead was do a deadlift, squat then push the bar right above your head. Rather than doing the double-unders since those are extremely difficult for me to do, we had to do 90 skips. I can’t count to that! So I found three little dots on the wall and did 10 sets of 30, 3 times LOL.


Totally missed St. Patrick’s Day workout. It was even named after me. I had other plans that evening. Disappointing!


Week 4 Day 4, Friday. This days workout was one of my favorites. We started out with an 800meter run which was four laps around the building.

WOD 10 rounds
10 pull ups
15 pushups

I don’t think that this WOD needs photos as everyone knows what pull ups and pushups are. I definitely felt it in my lats the next few days.

Week four complete and still going strong!!!

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