My CrossFit journal (Week 1)

The blog post is about my CrossFit on Day 3 and 4. View Day 1 and day 2.

Ah! There’s too much on the go! I need to blog on the weekends now, ha.

My 3rd beginner class was on Thursday. Again, I was the only one there so it was basically like a Personal Training sesh. I learned how to do a proper deadlift and work my technique with again, a PVC plastic weightless bar, until I worked my way up to the 15lb bar with some weights on it. I think it had 10lb’s on each side. Not too bad, as you were lifting it with your lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Not to worry Mom (and Boyfriend), he was watching me to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong so I don’t get hurt.

He set the timer for 20:00, and told me to finish my three rounds by then. I like this guy, he makes you work faster, and harder to get the workout done without taking a break. I wanted to stop so bad at the third round and I was feeeelin’ it.

This is what I did:

3 rounds
500meter row
21 jump box (literally, jump onto a box, and off the box. It’s not quite to my knees)
12 deadlifts at 35lbs

What they all look like:

Thanks google images!

Getting to 500 meters on the rowing machine was a pain in the you know what. Even in the first round! I always needed to take a breather before going to the jump box, because my breathing was compromised since I seriously never know how to breath correctly when doing cardio. He chatted to me about this after the fact and said it’d we’ll be working on my breathing since I’m only breathing in AND out of my mouth, and not breathing in through my nose, out through the mouth.

My first ‘regular’ class was Friday night at 6pm, straight after work. No time to get nervous, no time to pych mysefl out and freak out. I was a bit disappointed in my self with this class, as I felt I didn’t push myself hard enough. The workout consisted of:

5 rounds

10 knee to elbow (while hanging on the bar)
10 pushups
20 paralet jumps
10 kettle ball front squat at 8kg’s

What they all look like:

So my first week of CrossFit is over. So far — addicting. Maybe I’ll update this each Sunday. Hmm… still don’t know how to do this yet without bombarding my website with everything CrossFit related.

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  1. I don’t care if your site becomes 100% Cross Fit! I am an addict and I am missing out on some good instruction from the other side of the ocean.

    Keep it coming, Nancy! I am eating it up!

  2. Crossfit is huge in NewEngland. A good friend of mine does it and he saw a transformation in his body in 2 weeks! Thanks for a glimpse :)

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