Imitation tacos

My boyfriend doesn’t like taco seasoning, and I crave taco’s once in a while. I love the crunchy crispy shells and love the seasoning. For the longest time — I’m talking a year or more, I haven’t made them.

Then, it hit me.

I don’t have to make real tacos! I can make my very own version! So, I did.  Last week was an experiment but it turned out so well that I had to write this blog entry to remind myself how tasty it was, and that it needs its own page on my recipe section.

I was debating at the grocery store, whether or not to get lean ground beef or lean ground chicken. I’m not a huge beef eater and only like them in hamburgers, but then that’s rare that I eat burgers. Whatever. I ended up picking up a lean ground sirloin beef. Whoops—apparently that’s much more pricier than regular ground beef. I picked up what looked the most lean. Know what I mean? Ha.

I fried it up in the frying pan and added some Italian seasoning, chicken seasoning, and some other kind of  beef seasoning. Basically, I had no idea how to season the beef so I added everything I could find that I knew tasted good with chicken—even though I wasn’t cooking chicken.

I cooked it up, and then once it was all browned, I put it on a paper towel and dried off all the grease. While it was cooling off on the plate, I put 1tbsp of cream cheese and 2-3tbsp of salsa. I know, weird mix right? Then as it was sizzling on the pan, I put the beef back in with it so it got all coated. Added some chopped peppers and tomatoes and called it done.

On an empty plate I put a bed off fresh crunchy iceberg lettuce then topped it with the meat mixture, added some shredded mozza and some fancy mexican chips!

Here’s the turnout!

The chips I used I think I found in the Asian aisle of the grocery store, even though it clearly says Mexican chips. So good, and not salty at all! Perfect mix for the imitation tacos!

I love these corn chips. They’re not all that flavorful on their own (think, not too salty, a little grainy) but with some ground meat it’s best kind. Plus you don’t need Nikon binoculars to read the ingredients on the back. Key.

I think you should re-create it. You too Mom, I think the little boys (my nephews) would love making their own (mess).

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