YouTube plug and some menu planning

Wow! I’m at 98 subscribers today. All thanks to Katie for talking about me in one of her videos. I also noticed that one of my friends from BACK HOME subscribed to me. YAY Johanna!!!!

Here’s my latest:

I’m clearly in the blogging mood lately. I wrote my CrossFit week 1 post and I’m already on writing my third which will be edited each time I do a workout this week. Today I had a really great workout which is funny now because I’m walking around with half-bent arms and I look silly. (Like I came straight from manufacturing jobs all day long or something)

I’m on a roll today. I’ve even made a menu plan for this week. Easy suppers for the nights that I’ll be working out, and more complex ones on the days off. Here we go!

Monday: Imitation tacos (mmm I’m SO excited for these)
Tuesday: Gemeli (just gemeli pasta, with pasta sauce and lots of cheese!)
Wednesday:  Chicken ceasar salad sandwiches
Thursday: Chicken penne with vodka sauce
Friday: Quesadillas

Most of the above food items can be found in my recipe section if you’re interested in re-creating any of it. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Love your videos Nancy! I am starting to use more makeup and I love the tips you give on makeup, shopping, and everything in between!!!! Miss you!!!!

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