Weekend photo re-cap

My weekend in pictures…

[Saturday]: painted my nails

[Saturday]: Hung out on the balcony

[Saturday]: Did 7 (!!!) loads of laundry

[Saturday]: Found some old school books in the laundry room…

[Saturday]: …and some creepy dolls. This will give me nightmares.

[Saturday]: Watched some youtube videos

[Saturday]: Made my delicious pork tenderloin recipe along with some yummy garlic bread[Saturday]: Dessert #1

[Saturday]: Dessert #2

[Sunday]: Breakfast

[Sunday]: Made Buttermillk Blueberry  Breakfast Cake (recipe). Hint, if you don’t have buttermilk (Courtney taught me this) — you can sour your own milk by putting in either a tablespoon of lemon juice OR vinegar in your 1 cup of milk to sour it. [Sunday]: It was dericious [Sunday]: Watched Tour De France on the boyfriend’s PlayBook

[Sunday]: Played some soccer.

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