Shoe negotiations

I made the genius decision of picking up these brand new Nine West Sandals on clearance at Winners for $26.99.

They’re gorgeous, right? Look at that bright color.They seem to be quite comfortable too, for all of the 2 minutes I had them on my feet.

I brought them to the cashier and asked for a steeper discount since I was buying them already broken. The assistant manager came over and said she’d take off some dollars (dolla dolla bills yo), and I shouted “How about reducing them to $18?” Suuuuuure she said. Silly mistake damnit. I bet I could’ve easily gotten them for half off the clearance price. I should have just let her pick the price, and then go with the flow after the fact.

I brought them to a tiny hole in the wall shoe repair place in town, and paid $6.00 for them to replace both rivets on the shoes. Since the guy told me that the other rivet/clasp will end up breaking since it wasn’t secured on like a proper rivet. He said it was snapped on, and then on a tiny rivet, which he decided to replace with a smaller/better rivet. It’s all German to me.

Either way, I have my new shoes fixed. For six bucks. They’re awesome on my feet.

But that’s not all. I ended up going to H&M and picking up some $14.99 “jesus sandals” as I like to refer to them as. They’re comfortable, and I’m sure they’re going to break within a few wears, but for now — I will wear them and love them til they snap.

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