Being the keener that I am

Well isn’t that just annoying.

I signed up for a Scene Visa (via Scotia Bank) over the phone a few weeks ago. Last weekend I went into a local branch to sign some papers. I’ve used it once already just to get my bonus points being 4 free movies.

I’m not usually one to wait for my paper statement to come in to see how much I owe on a CreditCard, I like knowing in advance how much I owe. Being the keener that I am, I went to Scotia OnLine (who spells online like that? Oh wait, they do) Financial Services site. Couldn’t enter my visa number online as I didn’t have an online password. I called their toll free number and tried entering it through there. In a frustrated state of mind I pressed the number zero an infinite number of times, because that always works to get a human… right? Let’s hope “this called pressed the #0 sixteen times” doesn’t appear on their screen so they already know I’m an impatient person.


I kindly told them my issue. Their response was that I didn’t have any other accounts with Scotia Bank therefor I cannot view my Visa statement like I can with “CIBC” (I don’t deal with CIBC, they just said that as I suppose CIBC let’s you do it that way). I mean, c’mon. I canceled my TD Visa to go with Scotia Bank and they don’t have something that I can view online to see how much I owe? How lame is that? I’ve already set up my bill payment through my bank, so I can physically pay them online. Just not view how much. WASTE OF PAPER! lol.

I tell ya. If I didn’t already cancel my TD Visa, I would’ve taken those four free movie passes and used them up. Canceled the credit card and go back to TD.

What a stupid stupid setup.

Oh p.s: don’t forget to pop by here tomorrow. I have a giveaway coming up – it may or may not include some cute peacock alley bedding.

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  1. If you get a Scotia debit card (just with no accounts hooked up to it) you should be able to get a password to access online banking and view your visa card balance
    Give it a try!
    Ps: I have a scene card but since i work for TD it would be cheating to get the visa even if i REALLY want more scene points :)

    Nancy says: I work for a financial institution as well, and I cheat and use a PC Financial MasterCard, and a Scotia Visa! lol

  2. That is CRAZY! Are we living in the dark ages?! I mean who doesn’t offer a credit card that you can’t view your transaction history online??

  3. Frankly, the whole scene point system is frustrating. No matter how many tickets you buy, you only get points for one transaction (ie as if you bought one ticket). NOw I make an effort to pay for one ticket and then again for the other to double my points.

    Nancy says: We’ve learned that trick with our Scene card (just a points card, not a debit or credit). It’s really annoying. I have to agree.

  4. Hi, ya, I was in same boat. I got Scene Visa, had to get debit card. But here’s a better idea. Whether you have iPhone or Android, get MINT app. It’s a financial app that will show you ALL of your credit card balances, bank accounts, even investments. But that’s not why I’m writing. I am trying to pay Scene Visa through PC Financial, which can pay every other bill, and other Scotiabank visas, but it CANNOT pay Scene Visa because of the digits in front. Anyone have an answer. I’m not giving up free banking

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