Not what I asked for

On Friday I got my hair done. This Friday, I’m going back to have it re-done. Not all of it, but just going back in to get what I had originally asked for. I really dislike it when stylists do not listen, and they give you a more conservative look. A conservative look is not what I had asked for. I had even supplied him with a picture that you’ve all seen many many times orangeThis is what I got. The flash makes the orange appear brighter than in person.

After/Before photo shot. I see no “peek-a-boo” colors! Where’s my orange foo’.

Yeah, it’s orange. Yeah it’s different. But it’s not what I asked for. He didn’t bleach out my hair, he just put the color over my brown hair… and didn’t use a vibrant orange. Just tell me. If you cannot do the dye job, just TELL. ME. I will go elsewhere, or supply you with dye. Lord thunderin! Oh, and he mistakenly added me to his Blackberry Messenger list, so on Saturday afternoon I messaged him asking to come back.

This is more of the accurate color. Blackberry cell phone shot. Not bold:

I’ve followed this guy for two years, hes’ now at his third salon and has given me really great hair cuts. It’s the first time he’s dyed my hair. I just really miss my old stylist back home in Newfoundland who doesn’t work anymore, and in fact probably disappeared. But whatever that’s besides the point.

One more chance buddy…then you’ll be getting on of these Diet pills that work fast things from me. Oooooo.

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  1. I hate that!! It is definitely not what you asked for! I hope today goes better! I love how daring you are when it comes to hair!! :)

  2. Oh I should clarify…when I said I hate that I didn’t mean your hair. I meant that I hate when you ask for something, someone says that can do it, and then they don’t deliver. I hate THAT! :)

    Nancy says: LOL I totally knew what you meant.

  3. Ugh, know how you feel! I personally like your hair, but I understand why you’re upset–not at all what you asked for. So frustrating!

  4. LAME! I love the original picture, I hope you find someone good soon! I hate that feeling, I’ve moved twice in the past three years and I don’t know where to get my hair done ha. I feel lost.

  5. Oooh my goodness. That is NOT what you asked for. Did you pay him? Ew.
    I just got some kick ass bright purple in my hair! Yay for fun colors- your orange that you wish to have looks awesome :) !! I hope you get it!

  6. On Saturday he will be fixing your hair for free, won´t he?. Did you pay him with faded or broken banknotes?. There’s nothing better than a job well done.

    Nancy says: I paid him with a piece of plastic. I won’t be paying him this Friday for the re-do.

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