My CrossFit Journal (Week 5)

Week 5 Day 1, Sunday. The warm up was more annoying and longer than usual. I think it’s because I went at 10am and usually I go to CrossFit at 7pm. I felt tired and un-coordinated that is, until I started…

Warm up
15 push ups
Front squats against wall
Stretching glutes
2 laps outside
Side to side squat stretch thing

WOD 15 mins
10-1 (10, 9, 8, 7, etc…)
10 front squats (45lb) / 100meter sprint
9 front squats / 100meter sprint
8 front squats / 100 m sprint…and so on.

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There was me and one other woman in this class for Sunday. A lady older than me was ahead of me at the beginning since I found the front squats hard. The competitive person in me got …competitive and I tried so hard to sprint as fast as I could to catch up to her. Once I was even after a few squat rounds and sprints, that’s when my breathing became an issue and I got really embarrassed as the next class for 11am was watching us was like I was hyperventilating again. The trainer asked if I had asthema and told me I need to start running outside once a week to control my breathing “as my body is doing whatever the F it wants” (lol his words not mine). Either way the fifteen minute timer went off and by the end of it I had just one more round to complete: 1 squat and one 100m run left but the timer went off, so we had to stop.

I could’ve easily puked that day.


Week 5 Day 2, Monday.

AMRAP 20 (As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes)
8 pull ups
8 push ups
8 KB Swing

I can now do regular push ups!!! As for the pull ups, I had to use a lighter weight band to do the pull ups as I was getting “too good” with the easy ones. I ended up taping my hands, just like I used to do when I climbed, so I wouldn’t rip my almost-formed calluses off. I ended up doing a total of 6, but NEARLY completing 7 in the 20 minute round. I haven’t sweated so much off my face in a long time. This one was wild.


Week 5 Day 3, Tuesday.

For time:
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Box Jumps; 24/20″
40 Supine Pull-ups
30 Push-ups

I was really afraid of this WOD, until we got started. I marked every 10 burpees with a piece of chalk on the cushioned floor. It went by so quickly! The situps got pretty difficult when I was at 50. Box jumps made me sweat and I did them on 20″ boxes. Supines were fun, and the 30 pushups I ended up doing 5 regular pushups, 5 on my knees. Took a break then did 5 reg’s 5 on my knees. My final time was 18:37. It flew by. I think that was one of my favorite workouts!


Week 5 Day 4, Friday. I decided to pop into the gym at 7 o’clock in the morning on this day. It was a busy few days I was disappointed I couldn’t go on Wednesday. We had a surprise (ok, to me—since I never check the forecast) snowstorm and ended up getting about 11 inches of snow. Took me a whole hour to drive home going 15km/hr. Thursday I couldn’t go since we enrolled Alfie back into Obedience School. So I decided to go on Friday morning because I got my hair cut after work and ended up going dancing with friends, Saturday morning an appointment at Scotia Bank (for my 4 free movies new visa card!!), and then Hamilton.

Whewf! Okay, so the workout consisted of:

21-15-9  20 minutes
Deadlifts (I did 85lbs)
Kettlebell squats with a 16kg bell

Is that his pooping face? I hate to admit but mine was probably looking a little like that too during my squats. Boy that shizzzz is hard. Maybe listening to some music with headphones in will distract me from making faces. Or a mirror…

There was only three of us girls in the morning class and the two others must’ve been competitors or ‘experts’ at CrossFit. They were done minutes before me. I was still on my second round while they were putting away their weights. My third round of dead lifts I was getting tired. The girls and the trainer ended up cheering me on, which was a bit awkward but totally needed since the trainer said “You made that one look easy!!” So I got pumped up and did them quicker. The squats were brutal and my legs were shaking at the end of it.

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