Here it is, just like every Friday: Outfit of the work week! I wanted to show a closeup of Tuesday’s top that I purchased at Winners.

So pretty, so many ruffles. It’s semi-sleeveless too. Very nice for summer.

Now to the OOTWW pictures:

I totally defeated the purpose of working out this morning. Cadbury mini eggs this morning!!! Hey, I needed some. I got every red light to the gym, annnnd back home from the gym. lol

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  1. Loved wednesday and friday. That red jacket is super cute!

    Have a great weekend.

    PS: No more workout outfit of the day?

    Nancy says: It was SO MUCH WORK taking photos twice a day, and remembering. LOL. If people really miss it maybbbbeee it’ll come back. Plus, all my outfits for that weren’t all that different. I only have so much workout clothes.

  2. Loving Monday and Tuesday’s outfits! The colour on Monday’s really pops. Very spring like, and we all need a little more spring given winter’s inability to let go. I am also a fan of ruffles…great find at Winners! I do enjoy shopping there. It’s not great if you’re looking for something specific, but you can come out with some great unexpected finds that end up as wardrobe staples.

  3. I agree with Alline and I find extremely classy your look on wednesday…..apart from that,…. your broom will become a star of the OOTWW.

    Nancy says: LOL at my broom. I’ll tuck that away next week.

  4. Ok, I’ll admit it. When you first showed a pic of that top from Winners, I didn’t really like it (I think it was in a yt video). But daaamn, it looks REALLY nice on! You got a good eye ;)

    Nancy says: The blue one? I know. On the hanger it looked ridiculous. I decided to try it on anyway, since it had a nice long shape. It surprised me!

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